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How to make love, what should be the prelude

Listen only themselves
foreplay - it's what leads you to a partner thinking about sex.Dancing, erotic massage, joint bath, dinner at a restaurant, stormy affection in the elevator, secret kissing in a public place ... Everything that makes the blood run faster.Search for "their game" and not really chase for standards.They say ... quality foreplay should last at least 15 minutes, otherwise the woman is ready to love games.

truth. It's not the length, and in performance.Surely you had to melt off one glance man to whom feel passionate feelings.And if he touches his lips to hold the neck, the legs just give way.And nothing more is required, except for one - into the arms of each other.
Typically, this happens at the beginning of stormy romances.When the passions subside, comes a beautiful moment please each other a variety of tricks and caresses.And these notorious 15 minutes will be incredibly sweet for both of you!
say ... all of these things are necessary preparations for women only, but men do ve
ry well without them.True.The older and more sensitive partner, the more he needed closeness and tenderness.In young and inexperienced male sexual desire overshadows everything, and they need a sensitive mentor to learn to adjust their fervor and enjoy not only the result but also the process of kindling the fire of love.

say ... during foreplay you need to follow a certain sequence: first kiss, then fondling.True.In nature, many animals and birds strictly observe the order of love: If the crane will not perform the desired number of bows and jumps, it simply will not allow the body.But such cranes afford tenderness only once a year.Did you meet with her man in bed more often.Night after night repeating the same ritual would be unbearably boring.

Teach him to love
If your hero is not strong in foreplay, then it just is not very good is the difference between the "reference Cold" and glowing with passion woman.Show him the difference!Suggest a love game in which there are only two "no": it does not remove the trunks and is not transferred to act decisively.You can do whatever you want.Direct the

: take his hand, spend it on his shoulders, chest, put on your hip - it is a pace that you like.The man quickly understand what is required.
lures: caress, kiss and stroked his way, as soon as you want, tease and seduce.
escapes if he tries to seize the initiative, at first did not let him do it.Few posoprotivlyatsya, then relented.Let touches your hands or lips, but only for a moment.
And when you feel that passion languishing, let him get you ready for anything.He will be pleasantly surprised.Then be sure to tell a loved one, this night was the most memorable precisely because he was able to you to truly "ignite".You'll see, he wants to repeat the prelude.

not break the game
foreplay - it's always a little improvisation.Not isportte its monotony: if you all the time stroking the back of the eye, or kissing, you fall asleep sweetly, not kindled a passion.Predictability is also out if your favorite is always moving on the same route, "the lips, breasts, thighs," asked to change it, avoiding, at least one item.And, of course, turn off the phone - foreign intervention you to anything.