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Wedding in antique style

organize a celebration of the best in the summer, and somewhere in nature, surrounded by green trees and colorful flowers, basking in the warm rays of the sun.The wedding menu should be relevant - red and white wine, fruits, various sweets, salads and seafood delicacies.Fine weather, fine cuisine and the very formulation of the presence of any wedding will feel like a real Greek.

What to wear clothing style of the newlyweds and guests must comply with the era: bright tunics, sandals, leather belts.The dress of the bride can be enjoyed at the wedding salon, where the choice of dresses in the Greek style is wide enough - for every taste, color, and size.And last but not least, a minimum of jewelry and makeup, the business card of this Greek woman - natural beauty, grace, playful loose hair with a laurel wreath on his head.Future husband in this situation enough to wear a white shirt and trousers.

to wedding invitations did not get trapped in the postcards is a styling hint at the upcoming holiday, pre
ferably with an illustration.Alternatively, all the necessary accessories can be ordered directly to the celebration.In this case, guests will not have to worry about their appearance, each of them will be able to choose the right thing - a tiara, a bracelet or a horn Faun.

How to organize

holding an antique wedding, like any major event requires a thorough preparation of the script shows.By tradition, the main governing entity for any wedding toastmaster is that in this case can serve as one of the mythical characters, for example, the chief god of the Olympian Zeus.Bridegroom perfect image of the mighty Hercules or Apollo's handsome, and the bride becomes his lover.The re-enactment of one of the Greek myths are not required, most importantly create a unique holiday atmosphere, to convey the beauty of the ancient world.

whom to invite
to create a festive and memorable environment is to invite actors - cyclops, satyrs and fauns not only add the reality of what is happening, but also become important actors held games and contests.Gifts for the winners there may be sham laurel wreaths made with local greens, good wine, souvenirs, typical of those times, etc.It all depends on the imagination and desires of participants of the ceremony.

very important to attract the maximum number of people to an event action: no time to be bored guests and the bride and groom will be constantly in the spotlight.Dynamics, courage and solemn atmosphere of what is happening will not leave anyone indifferent.

Pleasant memories
Less important person at the wedding ceremony and a photographer, whose candidature should be selected in advance through an agency to provide photo and video services.Professional photography and videography holiday help capturing memories for a lifetime, leaving pleasant memories of an unforgettable day in the heart not only the young couple, but everyone who had the good fortune to attend this celebration of life.