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Wedding in Russian folk style

And if the future spouses have decided to spend your day in the life of the chief in the Russian style of the wedding, they can be proud of their choice.Because it is not only beautiful and unique event, but also a real feast for all the guests present.

Making Russian wedding
Weddings in Russia is usually played at the end of the summer, after the harvest and, as a rule, it does not require a special room, because the feast was organized in the open air.However, if the date of the marriage belongs to another time of year, the venue for the wedding may be the banquet hall.

The ideal option would be to organize a banquet or a hostel recreation center with a spacious wooden house as guests at Russian weddings usually enough.During summer, the long wooden tables and benches should be put on the street, perhaps under a special canopy.If

celebration will be held in the house, the room can be decorated with flower garlands of paper, embroidered towels and behind the young to hang a small icon.

highlight of this wedding - this is, of course, dishes.It should be wood - cups, bowls, dishes, painted by Russian designs.From cutlery to all without exception guests rely only wooden spoons.

veiled Tables with white tablecloths, possibly with colorful embroidery and complement the same cloth.In fact more than the traditional Russian holiday table requires no decoration, except, of course, food.

Wedding Menu
Festive Buffet has just burst with various dishes.It is essential that in the process of change is a feast of dishes on the table took place at least four times.In the old Russian wedding is famous for an abundance of treats.Sometimes guests had to hold the plates in his hands, because for them there was no place on the holiday table.

most common snack in such holiday - pickles, marinated mushrooms, pickled apples, pickled cabbage, fish, pies and pancakes with various fillings.Of the meat dishes can be fed piglets, completely fried and stuffed with buckwheat.

As for drinks, it is usually applied to this table vodka - for the male half of the guests and all kinds of liqueurs, brandy and homemade wine - for women.Non-alcoholic drinks for the holiday - kvass, fruit drinks and a variety of fruit drinks.

Good wedding in this style and what dresses and attributes for such a holiday, you can look in the chests from their grandmothers, and not just in the shop.For the bride needed a white shirt with wide sleeves, embroidered patterns and silk sundress scarlet or green.

on his head before the wedding or the wedding the bride should wear a wedding crown, the traditional headdress of the bride, embroidered with beads, pearls, colored and silver threads, and then as a married woman she should wear ochipok.Hair can be dissolved and perhaps curled.

Depending on the time of year when the wedding festivities held on the leg bride is best to wear short boots made of leather or satin shoes without a heel, color matched to the sundress.And of course, we must not forget about the decorations - large beads and earrings.

For the groom striped suit traditional trousers, tucked into boots, a red shirt, belted sash, and a new coat.

Entertainment at the wedding
To entertain guests need to show imagination, but of the classic folk fun sure to hold the tug of war, jumping in sacks and eating pancake race.The same can be traditionally led dances, singing Russian folk songs, invite an accordionist and a competition ditties.

Nobody will be indifferent so bright and interesting wedding!