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Wedding in the style of "Alice in Wonderland"

Wedding Invitations
To start, consider the design of the wedding, starting with the creation of suitable invitations and ending with the selection conditions of the banquet hall.Wedding Invitations in this style can be made as large playing cards of different suits.The text of the invitation to make with the help of a mirror image of words - read the invitation the guest will have by using a mirror.

Machine Suite
If we talk about the wedding car, it is best to draw ribbons, gathered waves, hearts and always roses - white and scarlet.In general theme of roses should be traceable throughout the festival, as it is the most fun and beautiful part of the story of Alice.On the hood of the car must also be a reminder of the theme of the wedding.It may be a toy white rabbit or, for example, a cylinder with a bright pair of gloves.

Making room
acces, which will host the wedding party, as the hole is better to issue a rabbit hole or a mysterious green tunnel.As input can be unusual door attached to the
handle engraved key.In the banquet hall of the need to accommodate as many different things in common with the theme of the wedding - outlandish hats, live rabbits in a cage, vibrant trays, gloves, watch and chain.On the wall you can hang large painted or real clock in the style of 19th-century England, bright white and red roses, the image of card suits.

Food and bottle labels provide "Eat me!" Or "Drink me!".Just a festive feast will be original if its issue as the Tea Party, if desired pouring drinks in kettles.On the table there must be a bright, perhaps a motley, utensils and napkins, for example, into the cell.Next to each plate you can put a small plate in the form of playing cards with the names of guests.

Clothes for celebrations
dress for brides need to pick up in blue and white colors.This may be a classic wedding dress, decorated with elements of blue fabric or dress in Victorian style with delicate lace.For the extravagant and provocative bride suit a short dress, gloves and bright hat-cylinder.Bridegroom addition to the usual items of clothing - three-piece suit, white or bright-colored shirts and butterflies, so you can wear a hat and even shoes in different colors.

Parents of the groom and the bride's best to dress in royal robes and crown as the kings and queens of different suits.Guests may also be dressed in bright clothes in the spirit of Wonderland with all of the same hats, gloves, wigs, colorful shoes and other attributes.Among the guests at the same time for the color must be present person in costume, Cheshire Cat, March Hare and the Hatter.

Entertainment program

Leading or, for example witnesses who will spend the evening should be the central characters in a fairy tale costumes, namely, the White Rabbit and Alice itself.During the event, the White Rabbit is obliged to permanently lose their gloves in the most unexpected places, and Alice and visitors - to help him retrieve them.Just Rabbit should have pocket watches, and periodically they worried glances.Alice is sometimes out of place can speak poetry, bob and do all sorts of eccentricities all who cheer all guests.

When you enter the room you can hang a large picture of the Cheshire Cat, on the face of which every guest will have blindfolded draw a smile.One guest who portray it more picturesquely, receives a medal with a picture of a cat.

from the competition can be made classic contest of "dancing on the newspaper," just call it "Sea quadrille" and imagine that the newspaper - this is a piece of beach, waves as high tide is getting smaller.

addition, interest will be a contest in which guests will be a race to paint molded dough or cut from paper white roses red.The competition can be organized in the form of the relay.

urgent will be playing in the caterpillar, where the first unit of its coming to his chosen guest and invites him to be her tail.The selected guest did not dare refuse and inform the head.Next tail crawls under the feet of the head and falls into place behind her.And so, on the rise, while all guests do not appear as part of the caterpillar.Offer tracks and answer tail should sound like some pre-prepared phrases that they can be repeated in unison.

And, of course, possible to arrange a royal croquet, where guests will be as an option to roll balloons umbrellas under the chair with the addition of sharp comments of leading.The sea of ​​positive emotions and positive emotions will be to ensure all!

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