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Wedding disco

on your wedding probably put an end to several generations.Who among them does not remember the disco - groovy, energetic and frank, as a close friend.If this atmosphere you will be able to dive together with your guests, you can be sure that the memories remain the most unexpected and romantic.

Choosing clothes Choosing clothes
may be different, but contain elements, stylish things 80.After all, the bride's dress was less than romantic, if the length of the dress will be a little shorter, and rhinestones bright sparkle in the cleverly chosen lighting.Do you agree?The bride can choose flared trousers and a shirt with a stylish large collar.And originality, and romantic!

Each guest may choose accessory in accordance with their attitude.It can be funny and bright fringe with fleece or separately dyed locks of hair.Rhinestones and bright jewelry, large buttons, and the same size frame glasses, wide ties and wigs.You can negotiate these issues directly in the invitations for their guests.They must have
time to think about their outfits.You can help them by creating a pair of bright touches on arrival, in the place of celebration.It is not only eye-catching accessories can emphasize the era of «Modern Talking», but also bright shiny makeup.

Making room
course, need to consider the size and style of the room.Bright light-music, traditional mirror ball on the ceiling, on the walls of vinyl records.All sorts of snacks at the bar, even today fill a buffet ice cream cups, soda in faceted glasses."Auntie barmaid" instead of the traditional waiter will add an additional flavor.

Of course, our guests need a place to dance and hits.This is not necessarily a huge room, but let there be enough seats to comfortably line up for, say, the legendary and beloved by all Lambada.Be assured that by the middle of the festival will wish to demonstrate their vocal and sing a couple of three songs from the repertoire of "Tender May".To do this, perfectly suited even a small podium or stage.Do not be redundant with karaoke discs containing the repertoire of the '80s.

Entertainment disco wedding
musical repertoire of the most that neither is great.After all, the style of the 80's can cater to almost every guest.Well, if you have the opportunity to pass a couple of rehearsals with a professional choreographer for staging the most popular dance moves.This will be guaranteed for guests furor!But it is fine and your parents and grandparents.After all, in the soul, they are the same dudes from the '80s.Let them an incentive to take part in the competition on the most popular dance movements of the time.

Do not forget the photographer ...

work of a professional photographer is that he is like an artist is able to catch and keep the brightest moments of joy and delight each party celebration.Invite only skilled masters of their craft, because they will be able to outwit the brightness of the light effects and decorations, keeping the best pieces of the frame.

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