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A wedding in a nautical theme

choose the place
Of course, the best is right for the beach.In addition, the place should be as deserted, so you can be alone with nature and not be distracted by extraneous people to withdraw completely into the holiday spirit and to devote time to the newlyweds.If you can not go to sea, the fit and the river, lake and pond, and even a swimming pool.

Who does not want to deal with organizational matters and likes to give everything to the discretion of professionals, especially in cases of cooking, make restaurant.There is another option - it was a wedding on the boat, is a celebration remembered by all for a long time.If finances allow, you can go to any exotic country, there is a place where you can feel the atmosphere of the sea at any time of the year.

design premises and registration tables
with marine issues faced certain each.Sea, sand, sail, vest - that it can be used to decorate the room and tables.If this is a country house or a restaurant, the walls can be executed in white color, whi
ch symbolizes the sea foam and gives the romance.Since basic colors are still blue and yellow, the colors of the balls can be, napkins, flowers and many other decorations.

Generally, if the wedding is held in the open air, then there are many options for decorating the environment.You can put the ships and sailors layouts or ask the waiters dressed in vest.Contests also make the topic of the sea, they can apply a variety of marine items such as lighthouses.

on the tables could be barnacles, sea pebbles, sea flowers and other elements.There may be a bowl of sand and sea candles.

How to dress for a wedding sea
begin with the bride and groom outfits.They can be both traditional and non-traditional.It depends on the willingness of the newlyweds.Better will look magnificent dress made of light fabrics in pastel colors with blue accents, it can be used in hair ornaments in a nautical style, or at least in the respective colors.Fishnet gloves and light sandals complement the image.

For those who like to experiment and want to stand out at the wedding, the variant with dressing: mermaid bride and groom to the ruler of the sea Poseidon.Guests can choose their own way of what they want, ranging from pirates, ending with goldfish and any marine animals.

If an informal setting, it is possible to agree about the dress code, which includes swimwear, sarongs, tunics, to make guests feel comfortable and at ease.

is appropriate to put chairs and awnings.

Wedding action
Everything will depend on the place where it will all happen.For example, if a rented boat or yacht, the main theme - travel.You need to plan your route in advance and will be intrigued visitors, going on a treasure hunt.Guests will each receive one of the cards and united, they would have to collect it in one piece, and then be able to go on a quest.In the course of movement can make stops for walks and clues for where the treasure lies.Effectively it will look surprise when guests suddenly attack a pirate or water, which would require the task or puzzle clues.

Based on this, you can create any kind of contests and entertainment.Not bad will look as large thumbnails and presentation, comic numbers.Then have let him work your imagination and wishes.We wish you good luck!