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A wedding in the style of Hollywood

How to arrange a Hollywood wedding?

Despite its creative name, to organize a wedding in the style of "Hollywood" is possible and by their own efforts.Although it should be noted that it is better, of course, this business to professionals working in the wedding agency.They will be able to develop a fascinating story celebrations, which will be interesting Brac and guests.But if there is the possibility to hire a master, it is possible to manage the services of talented toastmaster, who, along with heroes of the festivities, the bride and groom will be able to realize all their wishes and fantasies.

simplest and most spectacular one will be the wedding of the Hollywood script wedding Award "Oscar".This ceremony is known to all, so it will be recognized by all guests and enliven any audience.It will lead, and reporters, and the appropriate atmosphere.Dress for a wedding have to be a holiday - men in tuxedos, women - in evening dresses.

Requirements wedding venue
place for banquets must be selected
with the view that the approach to the hall there is a place for "carpet" on which will only favorites - winners in the categories "most romantic husband" and "The Mostloving wife "and" Best Witness "and" best witness. "Do not remain without attention of guests and reaching for the same "track" the nominees for the title of "Best parents", which in the future will have to face off.All remain satisfied, although for the title of "Best" will have to sweat.

very course of events may be close traditional classical wedding - a large banquet hall, which will be either a single common table or several tables for guests.The format of the festival can also be traditional - wide meal or a light buffet.But the decoration of the hall should be thematic, ie with lots of flowers, star of movie posters, statuettes 'Oscar' and inscriptions «Hollywood».

Post wedding speech can lead (toastmaster), which announced the award ceremony "Oscar" "The best pair of the Year" - the newlyweds.This is the first and most important award, but not the last.The rest of the statues should get "a better parent," from both sides, the witness and the witness, and all the guests participating in the competition.

Contests for a wedding in the style of "Hollywood»
entertainment programs for weddings can vary all sorts of competitions and tasks that are required to run the presentation of prizes and awards for his work and achievements.But based on the traditions of Hollywood, it is necessary to include in the script wedding favorite Hollywood stars test IQ.Although such competition may sound rather strange in the midst of the wedding, yet hold it stands by "the most intelligent party" celebration.

Questions for this unusual contest is necessary to think in advance, and it is desirable that they are specific for each participant his.For example, a motorist alone, cook for others, so that each of them could prove himself and earn the required number of points.The number of points is better to translate into numbers with lots of zeros to Tiffany's IQ was in the range of 100,000 ... and her father even more.But none of the participants should not remain "disadvantaged", ie, the level of IQ in all guests should be about the same.

itself Tamada such an event can be any - can organize dance groups and collectives, party and soap bubble show, the show of illusionists or barman show.The main thing - keep the theme of the evening, keeping the solemn atmosphere lush.And of course, do not neglect the professional staging of the first dance - it should be remembered by the young for life.

logical conclusion of the wedding will be a colorful and gorgeous fireworks and cutting of the "Hollywood" of the cake.The cake can be decorated with a statuette "Oscar" of course, edible, which will replace the traditional "doves" or figures of the young on its top.

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