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Wedding in style rock

But here everything is much easier than it seems at first glance.The main thing is to hold your most important day in your life just as you want for you.You can not deny yourself in any, even the craziest ideas and drive themselves in socially accepted limits.Then your sure to be passed in a good mood guests, this holiday will be remembered as the most striking and positive.

And if suddenly you and your friends are fans of rock music, whether Russian rock, hard rock, or even rock 'n' roll, be sure to organize a wedding in this style.

Heavy or Russian rock
The rocker is different from ordinary townsfolk?In addition to ideology, it has a special form of clothes, travels on a special transport and, of course, listening to special music.These three components and should set the tone for the entire wedding rock fans.

If your friends to easily find any suitable under way rocker attire, then the older generation probably such stocks in the wardrobe there.Therefore guests have a long time to be warned abou
t the style of holiday, in time to pick up a dress.In the case where the guests for some reason still have not coped with the task to dress accordingly subject celebrations, they can easily implement the elements of the rocker clothes when they arrive at the wedding.

now directly about the dress code.Everyone knows how to dress rocker.But recall that the main attribute is his way of leather garments.Black leather jackets, vests, pants, gloves without fingers.All this magnificence can be decorated with patches, badges, buttons and pins.You can wear jeans, preferably Levi's, T-shirts.From shoes fit high military or motorcycle boots.At the head rocker wears dark bandana, leather cap.

Move bulk of visitors should definitely on motorcycles.They are, if necessary, can be rented.By the way will notice that the best motorcycle ride in the warm season, and therefore it is desirable to designate a wedding in the summer.

After marrying the whole company rockers should ideally go into a suitable club that can be rented and to invite your favorite rock musicians.If this is not possible, then as a musical design fit familiar incendiary or slow rock songs.

Rock and Roll
other, colorful and fun option wedding can be a wedding in the spirit of rock 'n' roll.

clothes for this celebration and all its design must be colorful, bright, brilliant.As an example, to select the appropriate attire can serve as the film "Hipsters", where quite vividly depicted the rock 'n' roll spirit.

Women should be dressed in rather short skirts and dresses in the style of the 60s.Hairstyles can be high in the same style, decorated with colorful ribbons, makeup - catchy.On foot it is best to wear pumps.

attire for men required attributes - pants-pipes, retro shoes, colored tie.If the length of the hair man allows, the need to build on his head twisted bangs style of Elvis Presley.

as wedding transport retro-fit any car, especially suitable to be convertible bright, best pink color.At the request of the newlyweds wedding procession may consist of a motorcycle decorated with balloons.

Wedding banquet should be carried out in a room where there is a large dance floor and a stage on which to act must be double the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley.By the way, the double is not necessarily to be a professional actor.It can be fun active artistic guest.Improvising the song Elvis, he was even more cheer present.

Throughout the evening should sound composition musical direction of rock 'n' roll, the rhythms are so easy to dance to incendiary dancing and moving.