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European-style wedding

main traditions in the design
First of all it should be noted that the best European-style wedding in the summer to spend time outdoors.This could be a summer restaurant, a cafe or a green meadow in front of a large country house.In the latter case it will be necessary to organize a large canopy or tent, which will be held at the banquet.

The traditional wedding feast with mass seating guests at long tables, here come some small tables, arranged in random order on the entire site of the celebration.

sit at the main table, of course, the bride and groom.Revenge for all the remaining tables gets invited guests, according to a predetermined plan their deployment.On the tables you can arrange small nameplates to guests without any hesitation could decide his place at the banquet.If invited to a wedding a lot, it is advisable to number each table so that guests have seen those numbers.At the entrance to the banquet area need to put a special person, pointing guest room table where it is planned to place.

general, European-style wedding should resemble the social events.At some tables can be placed more booze, snacks and fruit.During the celebration, guests do not have to reside in their places.They can move around the site, to communicate and treat standing.

wedding ceremony according to the European tradition is not at the registry office.Registration of marriage should be an exit.By the improvised altar, outdoor seating and decorated with ribbons and flowers, the bride has to bring her father and by the sound of solemn music to convey her hand to the groom as a sign of blessing.

Clothing bridal and guests
Especial frills clothing Suite, unlike traditional wedding, at the wedding in a European should not be.She might just be chosen to taste the wedding dress for the bride and ceremonial dress for the bride.For the invited women suit or evening cocktail dresses and men - suits and Thrace.

But the best friend of the bride and the groom's best friend should be dressed in a special way.As for the bride's friends, they need to wear a dress of the same color and style.Pre-need to consider this point so that the model and color of the dress fit each of girlfriends and combined with the characteristics of their shapes and color of hair.Apparel groomsmen or ushers in another way, too, should be the same.

Little girls dressed in bright clothing, accompanying the young during the official part of the event holding a small basket of flowers, they will be a wonderful decoration of the wedding.

menu and entertainment
Since social events does not imply supersaturation so different dishes on the menu can include snacks, canapés, fruits, alcoholic drinks and, of course, cake.By tradition, the wedding banquet in a European does not last long, and guests will be enough of these treats unpretentious.

As for entertainment, you should not hire a toastmaster.In all European wedding organizing and entertaining questions should deal with specially selected people - the manager.He appoints the time of congratulations, which are usually held at the beginning of the holiday, toast and monitors compliance with the sequence of events at the wedding.

noisy and massive competition for the wedding in a European inappropriate.To entertain the audience, you can organize a small concert program, which will include a barman show, vocal and dance performances, and certainly the first dance of the newlyweds.The musical accompaniment is desired live music of a small ensemble.

Guests can leave their wishes to offer newlyweds a special pre-arranged wedding albums or shoot them on camera certainly present here videographer.

After the cake, the bride throws the usual bouquet present unmarried guests and groom - the bride's present suspension of unmarried men.Then the young visitors and perhaps leave on the same day go on a honeymoon.

Here's a simple but undeniably pleasant form of celebration, offers everyone the wedding as Europeans.This holiday is sure to bring only positive emotions will be stylish, beautiful and unforgettable.