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How to prove your love to your loved one?

Love - a very complex and multifaceted sense of perhaps why many people have difficulty describing it.Love for everyone - every stain it in their own unique color and do not worry if you have not yet been able to clearly understand this wonderful feeling.

in the world a variety of nationalities, languages ​​and customs of this word is endowed with sometimes quite the opposite sense.And now - we're talking man "love" is not thinking, what is the meaning we put into it.For some people it word- banality, for others it exists only in the phrase "make love."

Psychologists believe that love has three components:

first - intimacy. This sense of intimacy, attraction.We want to be there to make life better lover.

second - solution, commitments.On the one hand, is the realization that people love each other, the other - the desire and determination to maintain this love.

And the third one is a passion. It awakens sexual desire.Though passion and can not be considered the main component of a love relatio

nship, but without it feeling cool and can get "to zero."

Do not assume that love does not depend on a man, it is not.You can be sure that if your loved one looked a little different, or, for example, acquired the bad habits that you infuriating, then no matter how stable you do not seem your feelings, they will undergo inevitable changes.Our love - a collection of all the information about the object from its visual image, to clothes and smells.Everything that happens to you and your loved one, your every move and look, your every word - all that is constantly forming and makes adjustments to your senses.Therefore, it is important to realize that love can not exist by itself, it needs to constantly strengthen, support, and at times and need to prove your love to your loved one.No wonder they say that love truly - it is a big job.From you will be required per second to prove his love.If such a work you like, rather get down to business.No time to lose.

In - First you need to understand and accept that love - it is a gift.Some people in my entire life and you can not know the feeling.Even so you should reconsider their views on life and stop thinking that love is something commonplace and taken for granted.Some of this is only enough to begin to really appreciate every moment of love.

The most common question is "how to prove your love to your loved one?" Makes us think about something else.And whether you want to do something to someone to prove?And those who need proof from you, and why?Most often, it is weak and insecure people who want to feel in any way significant, are looking for ways to assert themselves at the expense of the people who love them.A bit cruel, is not it, to solve their personal problems, while causing pain to their loved ones?It can help, as it would not sound trite, frank conversation, a good word.In the end, maybe you should reconsider its attitude to this person, if you dearly your future and nerves.Most of these people "capricious", stuffed his worth, and then leave you with a broken heart and exhausted, evaporate in search of a new victim.

Sometimes a man needs no proof of love, you can say, blackmailing, just out of boredom.He wants to bring in such a way emotions and colors into your life when otherwise this can not be done.It is unlikely that your feelings are mutual, and, consequently, do not give a chance to this relationship.

Finally, consider the case when you are well, you are madly in love with each other, and you both have "butterflies fluttering in his stomach" ... First of all you should look at themselves.Perhaps to prove his love, in this case oh so worth it.Answer the question whether you are honest with your loved ones?Do not oppress you something?Do not think that your secrets and mysteries remain with you.No need to be a great psychologist to notice the concern on his face, thoughtful and excessive secrecy.Your spouse is required to deliver a check for themselves, and "rewrite" your image in my mind.Therefore, get rid of the secrets, tear anything that might damage the relationship (of course, if you truly want to save them), and most importantly -Listen to your conscience - she always tells you whether you are on the right path.And often say "I Love» ...