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How to explain a guy that you to it do not feel anything?

In one way or another situation, there are several ways to get rid of a man or a relationship with him.

If you connect a serious relationship.But the love of your heart left .

In this situation, there may be two possibilities: whether you are at the table of negotiations will come to a reasonable conclusion of your relationship, or the parting of the burden of responsibility will have to take only on themselves.

If you suddenly find that your partner, too, you have nothing to feel, the process of separation will be completely painless for both.You can even stay friends and keep pleasant dealings.

But if your man loves you, and he is not pleasing the idea that you want to leave, then there would have to try.Of course, on your part would be foolish to offer friendship.Men by nature the owners, they are difficult and painful to watch as the girl whom they have loved, building new relationships.Even more painful if in this situation, you manage to tell his former young man, and now another, all the det

ails of your love stories.

Although a man may agree to friendship, but at heart, will bear the thought that you will be able to return.

If a guy trying to explain to him that you do not feel anything because of the fact that she met and fell in love with another man, then this situation can be quite different problems.Whatever it was, always try to go to the original conversation.There is nothing better than to talk openly and frankly.Perhaps your young person to whom you already do not feel anything, you try to understand and let go.

If you were tactful and frank, but your efforts have not yielded the desired fruits - and the guy does not want to listen to, and leave with you, he does not intend to, you should go for drastic measures.A. That is, simply disappear from his life.Collect items and then climb to the parents, change the phone number.It will hurt, it will try to find you.But be sure that such a brutal method will only benefit both you and him.

When you throw a man because of the fact that she met another man - ex-boyfriend will think you're a traitor.Be ready for it.

If you break up for the reason that just went all the senses, it is not necessary to speak directly about this guy.Take care of his nerves and self-esteem.Explain that you're different and you have no future.But this does not mean that he is bad - you just do not fit together for a number of reasons.Of course, you should be ready to explain the reason.

If you're a fan of bother, and you to it do not feel anything .

In this situation, it is best to talk to the guy and explain things as they are.Same.Can you speculate about what you can not be together, because you are so different.If a guy finds an explanation for each lot of excuses and convinces you otherwise, he can make you happy, but do not you think - can be rough.

In this situation, any good methods, even if they are very severe.

Remember that by offering this friendship fan, you would not be good either him or myself.It will still look for methods that you win.The courtship of other males will cause him pain and discomfort.You, will be to put it mildly, excessive attention to strain your new friend.

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