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Civil marriage: the pros and cons


Many are worried about how they feel children born in a family in which the parents are not married officially.Many refer to the presence of children is pushing for a hike to the registry office, while others, even this can not agree to put a stamp in the passport.
should know that children born in a civil marriage, have the same rights as children of parents who are registered officially.The only thing that will be different from other children - is that someone in his family has a different name, usually the mother, as fathers often give children his name.This can create additional problems - at the device in the kindergarten or school, parents' questions and questions of friends.For many, the fact that my mother's name is not one that the Pope and the child will be a surprise and a desire to ask, and children are not always prepared to answer such questions.

If the child's parents are unmarried, the father becomes the father automatically, as is the case in traditional families.Fatherho

od need to register via the registry office, so opponents hikes in this institution somehow have to get through it.This procedure is not only important that the child receives formal father, but also the fact that in case of rupture of relations he would receive financial support from his father, that is child support.

If paternity is not established on time, and the parents decide to separate, it will have to prove paternity in court.Now establish paternity using genetic examination, if the father refuses to recognize the child.If the father does not mind quite consent.After paternity child will receive alimony, but not be able to visit other countries without the consent of the father, which will create additional difficulties, especially if the parents are in a bad relationship.


second important issue that bothers people choosing civil marriage is a matter of housing.Do they have equal rights to property acquired as his share in the event of termination of the relationship and how to correctly register?

If status is extremely simple, and all marital property is divided in half, then in a civil marriage has its own quirks.For example, if you bought the apartment will be recorded only on one of the boyfriends, even after many years of marriage, the second roommate could not prove his involvement in the purchase of the apartment.No testimony of neighbors and relatives that you are a long time led the overall economy, and together saved for an apartment will have virtually no value in the division of property.To avoid such problems in the future, you need to register the property on both family members with the exact shares that they own.It can be an equal share or shares, equal to the one who how much money to invest in the purchase of the joint housing.Such an agreement will ensure an equitable division of property in case of need.

other property.

During the years that people spend in a civil marriage, they are cashing in quite a few assets - it is furniture, clothing, cars, jewelry and so on.While the family are all good, no question about that, and who owns, but as soon as the problem starts, the couple decide the question of how to divide the jointly acquired.Marriage spouses have equal rights to property acquired in marriage.Civil marriage reserves the right to property of those who bought it.Therefore, it is important to keep all receipts proving large or significant to you personally purchase, it is best to have both a cash and a receipt.You can find another way out.To provide for possible conflicts in a civil marriage nice to conclude a treaty that will govern your relationship and determine what, to whom and under what conditions belongs.If the division of property is eliminate the need to argue.

Undoubtedly, official relations give more guarantees to all members of the family, but some of them seem to be not very profitable.Everyone decides for himself whether to put his stamp in the passport or not, but it's worth knowing that a reasonable approach can make any reliable relationship is not necessary for it to be official husband and wife.Sometimes a safety net in the form of oral agreements and written contracts a good addition to the feelings and confidence, and helps to strengthen marriage.

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