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How to choose a wife

1) Refuse ideals.
Of course, each person has a preference.Someone loves only blondes, and someone just smart, someone needs economic wife, and someone dame.But we must understand that the pursuit of a dream can take years, and this time will be held by dozens of girls who could be a real, palpable happiness.To find a woman who could become his wife, should be treated not as you think about the search for a new machine.A living person can not be some clear parameters that do not change with time.There are no people and no disadvantages.If a man is aware of his and is not perfect, it will take deficiencies in the beloved without claims.This means that such a man has a chance to really look at things and relationships.

2) Use common sense.

real strong family can not exist without love.But one love - this is not a guarantee of happiness.Choosing a life partner, first determine with their own desires and principles.
If you are optimistic, cheerful man with a good sense of humor, then melancholy woman is
not the best choice.One got to be kidding, the second offense at the jokes that peace and understanding will not add.
If you value comfort in the home, it would be reasonable to estimate the ability of women and business.It does not have to be a great cook - in fact, if desired, all can learn, but her willingness and desire to build a life, to keep order and cleanliness - this is exactly what you need.
especially important that men and women are not only the same views on life in general, but also on tangible assets in particular.For example, a man treats women with respect, recognizes their right to work and succeed, a man accustomed to making himself and appreciate in people the autonomy and independence.It is unlikely that he likes a woman who wanted to abandon the professional work in favor of the family, with the men quickly bored.It is important to compare your attitude to money.If a thrifty and the other a spender, it will be a serious cause for quarrels.
No family can not be complete without children.That children associate a man and a woman, make them one.Therefore, it is equally important that the views on issues related to children and their education, matched husband and wife.They do not necessarily have to be completely identical, but it is better if both of you pridёrzhivatsya similar tactics in education.Besides, if one dreams of a big family, and the other, and the only child is a burden, it quarrels on this pochvё not be avoided.

One of the most effective ways to ensure their assumptions about women - to get acquainted with her family.They say that in order to understand what his wife will be in 20 years, it is necessary to look at her mother.This is justified approval.Of course, we should not think that a woman will be a replica of her mother, but we unconsciously copy the behavior of the people with whom he lives and are building on the model of the family, which have seen since childhood.Therefore, man can see and understand a lot, talking to relatives of candidates for the hand and heart.The way their family made contact with each other, care for each other and help, be sure to reflect on your relationship.

But trying to choose the best wife in the world, it is important not to miss that unique, which may be far from your ideas about what is - the best wife.It does not always calculate everything in the world and it is difficult to predict what will be your attitude, many years later.Over time we change, we change our feelings and priorities, so do not try to look for long-term benefit, if you are in the store.If you love each other, you have a similar outlook on life and on the important things in it, if you have a similar vision of the future and similar goals, then the chances that you will be happy enough.In the end, history there are examples when the husband and wife were complete opposites of each other, but live together in love and harmony for many years.