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How to decorate a wedding hall?

If for some reason you can not use the services of professionals, even if they will be engaged in decoration of friends or relatives, who on this day are relatively free.And before you start design of the room, no harm would be to ask the administrator of the cafe (restaurant) or the director of the dining room it is possible to use an adhesive tape and pins.

traditional part of the decor of the wedding hall are posters with funny slogans.And it is better if they are bought in a special shop, because nice to write on a large sheet of every able and clumsy writings not lift the mood.Do not overload the room with posters, but allocate a place where they will sit the bride and groom, it is necessary.Usually on the wall behind the table newlyweds placed a banner reading "Council and love!".While this may not be the actual poster, as for example, a bright garland of letters of the inscription.

very popular today is the decoration of the hall for a wedding celebration balloons.These can be balls, inflated wi
th helium, from which you can make beautiful arches over the table and heroes of the occasion at the entrance to the hall.In addition, helium balloons can be collected in a kind of "bouquets" by placing them, for example, at the corners of the room.This may be the usual balloons, from which you can make the composition in the form of heart or the names of young spouses.The more so because the balls inflated with air to persist much longer than helium, which will cease to "fly" the next day.Embellishing hall balls, importantly, do not oversaturate its color palette: it is sufficient to use two or three colors.

looks very romantic wedding hall, decorated with compositions of flowers.Ideal would be to entrust this business professional florists.However, in the absence of such a possibility can be managed and himself.To do this, take the bouquets presented the newlyweds after registration, and freeing them from the package, beautifully arrange in a large floor vases.

Thus, the main thing - is to clearly define the idea of ​​decorating the hall, which bring to life to help friends and professionals.