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Making wedding balloons and flowers

Making using balloons

First, you must decide with what shapes from balloons would like to see at the ceremony.And then it is possible to select the color scheme and translate plans into reality.

in visual perception often runs the principle that better comply with the measure.Therefore, in all corners of the hanging bright bouquets of balloons is not necessary, is likely to overdo it.To the composition of the balls was spectacular, she looked beautiful and pleasing to the eye, should be carefully and thoughtfully arranged, each of its elements.All of the compositions should be in harmony not only among themselves but also with festive attire bride and groom, their tastes and preferences.

most popular and most commonly used figure of the wedding - the heart of the balls.For making the heart of the central wall of the bride and groom must be: large-diameter balls to create chains (they should have two tail, one - to inflate, the second - to be attached to another ball), with a diameter slightly smal

ler balls to decorate the bridge garlands roundfoil for packing (for creating decorations).Colors of large and small balloons may be different, the main thing that they blend together.

  1. first should make the foundation - the goods to the heart (that the heart does not fly away).For this purpose, water is poured into a ball, then it is knotted and placed up on the center shank circular foil.Further, the foil must be collected around tail gently straightened all the edges of the foil.If you make several layers of foil, then turn luxuriant bouquet.
  2. next step - it is necessary to inflate the large balloon and tie it to inflate the tail to the ball-load.Then you need to inflate the balloon is another large-diameter tail and bind it to inflate to the previous ball (the upper ponytail).So you need to create a chain of balls.The number of balls is dependent on what the size of the heart necessary.However, the number of balls must be odd to be able to give the necessary form.Last ball of the chain must also be tied to a ponytail ball-cargo.
  3. followed by two small balloon inflated and tails to tie them together.Then re-inflate the two balls of small diameter and connect them.These two bundles of balloons must be connected to the center and tighten the ligaments together.To create a strong ligament better spin each other balls of various ligaments.Tangles of four balls need to make a few, by the number of bridges between the balls.Bundles of little balls around the big twist to secure the structure.
  4. The fourth step is to make the balls form - the form of the heart.Connection halves, if desired can be decorated, for example, a bow or a member of the small balls and foil.
  5. heart is attached to the wall with adhesive tape (double-sided tape marks are washed with kerosene - the only substance that completely dissolves a tape).

Making flowers

Fresh flowers - it is something without which one can not do any wedding.Flowers are present not only in the bride's bouquet, and are on a banquet table.Very well looked small in size floral arrangements, which consist of berries, twigs, buds, flowers, leaves.Looks good and floating candles with wreaths of wildflowers and pine sprigs.These candles are placed in a wide vase in which to pour the water for best effect and add flower petals or buds.Some produce of autumn leaves and flowers garland that you can decorate walls, columns, stair railing or ceiling.

Romantics can make "rain" of rose petals: petals need to be stuck on an invisible wire and attach it to the ceiling (the petals can be both natural and artificial flavored).

to the composition of the colors looked not only beautiful, but also pleasing to the eye for a long time, it is better to entrust the creation of their art.

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