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How to choose a wedding dress?

how to choose a wedding dress?
- House decide the amount that you can and are willing to pay for a wonderful wedding dress of her dreams.By correcting this expenditure, which are provided for the wedding, keep in mind that in addition to dresses, you need to buy more underwear, garters, shoes, jewelry, ornaments for hair, flowers, gloves and veil.If you buy ready-made clothes, is already available for a fee you will need to hem, and shorten it to take in, and so on.From the available amount of funds you need to make a list of wedding salons, where you can buy a suitable model for the price of wedding dresses.

- With the Internet make a list of wedding salons.Do not be lazy to ring them, check by phone during the show, models and prices.It is only necessary to plan a trip, you just need to know whether there is, in the sale of white "seductive short wedding dresses that are embroidered with silver flowers."On the day of the trip we will not plan any other case, and only focus on the main goal.We take

care that during the trip we had at the hands of a catalog of wedding salons of registry office, where there may be coupons.

- Do not choose a wedding dress alone.If you do not suffer from many superstitions, bring the groom, girlfriend, or mom, and you can immediately both to make it from a full understanding of their opinion.To have a more complete picture, bring a digital camera, you can take a look at ourselves and be able to compare different outfits in other salons.

- It is advisable to clearly express their wishes in a wedding salon, describe what you need material and color.On the Internet, you can view a lot of photos of wedding dresses and bridal magazines, and thus can sort out their preferences and tastes.A favorite picture of dresses you can take with you when you go to a bridal salon.

- Consultant in the wedding salon give immediately understand that you have come here not just for the sake of curiosity, and is the name of the bride.It would be better to say that your wedding will take place not in six months or a month and at the end of this week, then the interest of the seller and his efforts to increase the amount to you threefold.

- Try during the fitting, you had to at least make-up so that you can avoid such troubles as stained dress.

As beneficial to emphasize the shape?
Every girl wants the wedding day to look the most beautiful in the world.You can argue with those who say that the bride is compelling regardless of the attire.She can feel 100 percent, if one thinks and successfully choose a dress.There are several silhouettes wedding dress:

Style "Empire»
Dresses have overestimated the waist, directly under the breast begins skirt, it can be air, flowing, tight.If you have small breasts will suit a dress.If you focus on the bodice dress and embroider him with stones, that can be so visually enlarge the bust.

It is as if like a big letter "A".Well emphasized breasts, dress gradually widening to the bottom.The cut of one-piece, skirt lush.This outfit is suitable for any figure.Full bride make slimmer and low - higher.If you want more naturalness, you will approach a silk skirt will be like a smoothly fall, if you need the pomp, then use heavy fabrics for skirts and light, such as tulle and taffeta, for the upper layers.

Ball Gown
Many girls choose a dress, a breast in a dress would be raised and it will transform you.This use of shaped ornaments - embroidery, ruffles, ribbons, bows.It looks elegant, festive and elegant.This dress does not fit undersized girls, cumbersome and will look at full bride.

dress "Mermaid»
Recommended girl with perfect features, sewn "on the figure."In this dress you will shine like a diamond.It will look spectacular with a loop, so that it would not hurt you, stick to your hand end of the loop.

If you have chic feet, you do not need to hide them.Short wedding dress is suitable for you.It may be a short skirt may be straight, as well as with a loop.The fluffy skirt will hide wide hips and a corset to visually enhance and lift the breasts.This dress can then go to the party.

Classical length wedding dress, here comes the heel and is two centimeters from the floor.Dress to customize a piece, otherwise you risk being awkward.

Helpful hints If you have a small increase, and you want to be higher than you are, then choose a wedding dress with a deep neckline, high-waisted "Empire", studs and long gloves.You "add" a long train of growth.And in a ball gown, you can "drown";

If you want to get high and at least visually reduce its growth, you'll like slinky dress with low waist, sleeves and lanterns with a wide belt.The top of the dress safely open and weigh down the bottom of the dress with ribbons and flowers;

Chest. your gorgeous breasts can "hide» V-neck, but to enhance and emphasize the chest will help you overestimated waist;

Thin girls, who dream to look a little better, fit voluminous dresses with lace, ribbons and ruffles sleeves;

Chubby brides should not be abused ruffles and lace.You need to accentuate her breasts, making her skirt a little bomber or just straight.

naked back.Her bare need then, if you have a regal bearing;

pregnant brides can come pantsuit or a dress with a high waist;

Wide hips. If you need to "hide" the problematic part of your body, you need to distract attention from her.If you want to hide the full hips, the accent attention on the bodice of her dress, for this it is necessary to decorate with flowers, embroider it or choose an original cut corset;

broad shoulders. You need to give up the straight skirt, cut on the bodice to be minimal.

Luxury hips and narrow shoulders. you need to try a ball gown.Direct silhouettes do not need to choose, but you will approach open shoulders.

thighs and big breasts. In this case, you will approach a gorgeous neckline and low waistline.But overestimated waist and lush style you will not do.

waist. brides whose dresses low waist fit with the "A-Line", and girls who have no waist it will be better to choose the dress of "Empire".And one or the other can not wear straight styles.

Listen to advice the seller and try to try not only the dress that you like, but the ones you advise experienced consultant wedding salon.Do not buy a wedding dress, if you have a little bit uncomfortable, and you do not like.We must remember that you - the bride, and then you have to decide for itself what to wear to the main celebration in your life.

Now you know how to choose a wedding dress.By following these simple tips, you will choose a dress dreamed of all my life, and where you will be the most beautiful and happy bride.