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Winter simple wedding dress

Winter wedding dress
For example, bridesmaids can dress in purple and deep red tones.These colors - an indicator of aristocratic taste and color of elegance.When choosing a winter wedding dress easy to forget about the pink, caramel dresses and pay attention to the dark blue dress, they can effectively enhance the beauty of the bride.But not all dark colors will please use the metallic shades of gold and silver.Well set off a simple wedding dress winter tasteful bridal bouquet.When you register, you can take the gold ribbon.If you wish, you can decorate the dress itself bells silver or accessories and shiny ornaments use patterns.By originality you will not be equal to the wedding.

course, the white dress is a great and wonderful, but as history shows in Russia and in Europe before the wedding wearing a purple dress.This tradition in the East is still preserved.Fashion for wedding white dresses introduced Mary Stuart.Wedding dress red winter remains an option most original and daring brides.In today

's world red acquires greater urgency.

If you are not ready for such a radical experiment, you need to pay attention to such nuances that the original design of the wedding dress you had no equal.Options may be bright patterns on the fabric of the dress.Bright ornaments, twigs, berries, flowers liven up the fabric.Moreover, the basic tone of the wedding dress does not have to be necessarily white - purple, green, blue, pink - these colors will bring a touch of originality and freshness.And girlfriends can be cloaked in dark red or maroon cloth.When the design of the hall can be used oriental style, to make garlands of colorful paper and flowers.There is no limit imagination.The only caveat - no need to combine the red and other colors.And to him a little shade here will suit gold, black and white tone.

Shades of white
have a huge amount of white shades.You can combine the color of ivory winter wedding dresses with sequins, white flowers.This color can be used to witness, but important measure.A measure of originality - what it will be higher, the wedding dress will make a greater impact on the audience.

low for brides
not high brides fit deep neckline, but the need to consider the size of the breast: girls 1 and 4, the size does not fit this option.Dress should be in the Empire style sleeveless or with short sleeves, a high waistline, a bride with her dress should be put on long wedding gloves.It is the growth of the bride visually add a few centimeters.These styles are suitable and girls who would rather become mothers or brides full.

Wedding Dress Empire style focuses on the chest and there are many models that can transform a simple style wedding dress.For example, a long sleeve dress is important for a winter wedding in this style wedding dress can be very open.Style skirt can beat, it will hide figure flaws with the free cut, and if it is narrowed, it will be able to visually increase the length of the legs and slender.Empire style skirt dress, the bodice does not include extra elements, but in small numbers might beading or glass beads.

It is worth paying attention to the material of the wedding gown.It should flow freely through the body, does not restrict movement, and to be easy.Well-look model, winter wedding dresses, which are made from expensive fabrics - hand-made lace, taffeta, silk and so on.Your image can be given a romantic aura, if imposed on the base material wedding dress organza or chiffon.

For high brides
High brides wedding dress suit with low or regular waist, with puffed sleeves and a wide belt.Girl with a slim and tall figure, you need to consider that the best option would be a wedding dress dress emphasizes and fitting shape.It fully shows perfect body proportions.High and very skinny girls suit dress made of moire, velvet, satin.Good will look magnificent wedding dresses, they hide excessive thinness, while visually increase the bust and hips.

Girls medium build and height is a wide range of styles and models, you can try any liked the dress.The wedding dress can be a modern, lush, classic, narrowed.

For complete brides
Full brides should pay attention to dress, sewn in the style A-line.The shape of these dresses called trapezoid form of the universal, to fit all her jewelry and accessories.In the cut can be made vertical lines that make a figure slimmer.In this case it will be absolutely ridiculous fitting models of dresses, puffed sleeves, lace flounces.Full brides medium height fit simple models of wedding dresses.Good will look dress with vertical lines.It can be decorated of fine finishes and elegant details.Girls with a full figure to switch attention to the pull-down model.You can make a long loop, which is absolutely not suitable brides low as trail "shorten" growth.Dresses of this form can be made out of different fabrics.If you want to create an image of lightness and romance, you can choose dresses of silk.You can sew a "heavy" dress made of satin.In such a dress can make cross-dress embroidered lace or beads or glass beads.

bride with big shoulders suit wedding dress a-line.The skirt should be flared, and the nice outfit to complement gloves.
girl with big breasts have to stop their attention on the dresses - neck.These girls are not recommended to dress in the Empire style, it will only accentuate the bust.

Finally, add that a mere winter wedding dress should be chosen taking into account the growth and shape.In addition, it is necessary to take into account the desires and interests, because your dream come true.If you are a supporter of the classical style, the snow-white, elegant dress, embroidered with beads designed for you.It is suitable for romantic natures, they dream to feel at his own wedding high society lady.Frugal brides fit winter wedding dresses with capes of tulle with lace and short sleeves.

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