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Tops for wedding

almost the main component of attire young during cold weather can safely assume coats, capes, coats, coats ... Without them, just do not do.By the way, sometimes they look much more luxurious than the dress, which is hidden beneath them: bleached fur, lung swan fluff made of embroidered satin, trimmed with fur, brocade or suede, adorned with Swarovski stones, pearls, beads, with an elongated bottom or train, sometimes with a muff and hood ... Perfect fall on the figure, emphasizing the advantages and disadvantages of hiding.

global fashion industry aggressively introducing fur in their collections autumn - winter 2009-2010.Fantasy designer in the creation of fur products are no boundaries.Looking at the Paris, Milan and London catwalks, you catch yourself thinking that the era of "big fur" in the style of the 1950s - the era of dolce vita, when it is impossible to imagine any one stellar maiden without a coat on his shoulders, or the exclusive fur stole.Tops for the wedding and have to be fancy.

Shuba (Arab. Jubba - wear a long-sleeved) - outerwear fur.By the end of the 19th named not any fur clothing, and only topped cloth: velvet, brocade or plain dyed, depending on how wealthy owner.

Nowadays coat sewn from natural or artificial fur.Masterfully made, they are indispensable in the winter, for warmth and beauty.It is - every woman's dream!Especially in such a treasured day.Wedding coat does not have to be pure white, if you look to the practical side, because you can dress her up and after the wedding.But I prefer to have bright colors and natural fur - so you will not one year.

Manto - in Greek mythology was the name of a prophetess, the daughter of Tiresias.And in the 19th century (from the French. Manteau) - Women's outerwear free cut (fabric or fur) without fasteners, which to our time does not lose its relevance.Moreover - the most elegant and luxurious coats views.Classic coat - trapezoidal shape, that is extended downwards, sometimes sewn polukleshem sleeves can be either broad or conventional.Self-sufficiency look long coat - it's a great outdoor wear for the wedding.Judge for yourself: in the 14th century.Sun King gave his beloved sable coat, which had a length of 1.5 kilometers.In him she loved to wrap up after the tenderness of her husband, the boss walking from the bed to the gazebo where looking at the stars.The coat adorned all Hollywood and even today boasts novelties.It should be noted that the peak of the season is a black and white coat.But the fact that the coat does not go out of fashion, you can choose to your taste and the risk that it would be desirable.Imagine yourself in a long, white coat with a hood and muff - ideal outerwear ... This romantic image similar to the manner of dressing Constance Bonacieux, give mystery and charm, not only you, but also the wedding ceremony.

If weather permits, it is necessary to think over the choice of capes.They are limited in the materials (fabric, fur, lace, leather ...), styles, forms (broad, straight, stitched square or round), the length (up to the elbows, to the waist, with extended bottom) and so on.You yourself can in a matter of hours, thanks to the simplicity of cut, create a unique addition to dresses, skirts, trousers or a suit.However, the wedding cloak need to work.

Choosing capes, coats or coats, you should pay attention to the following details:

white dress "up" or select the tone in tone or in gentle beige shades of rock crystal, champagne, and the bold blue, red.The main thing - do not overdo it.Of great importance is the fabric of the dress.The dress made of French lace is not quite suitable "hard" coat.Therefore, buying a robe for a wedding, possibly in the same cabin, pick up the robe or measure several options to know that you better buy later.

If it is different from the color of the dresses should be in tune with a cape or cloak.If one - if cape or coat effectively allocated.You can combine the color with the help of satin ribbons in a basket, bouquet, gloves, pearl jewelry, now they are especially diverse.Just keep in mind that outerwear should be in harmony with accessories.

buy the best "five fingers" high, especially when covered with a cape or coat hands on 3/4, they attach finality, unique charm and warm.

Note and such.
cape basically better to wear warmer weather.Even with swan down, she would rather decorate than warm.Manto - alternative.Choosing his or coat, look for the collar.Often, it is focused on it, and the main focus.Very luxurious collar combined with the same hairstyle, veil and curvaceous can create the effect of "avalanche", by which the groom will be barely noticeable.But skinny can win - look cute, for them it is the ideal outerwear for the wedding.

and basic.
Whatever choice you did not, you know - you are unique, you - the prom queen.
most important thing in life, as they say, - ideally choose a husband.