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Sling for babies: how to wear

Sling is a patchwork holder to carry a child.Today Sling has become much easier: the new models were made from new materials c thick inserts, Velcro pockets and the ability to adjust its position and the degree of tension edges with special rings that are on it.Sling is usually worn over the shoulder and the mother can safely perform the function of the cradle or be "Sit" for newborns.Use of this product may be from birth to the time when my mother had herself will not be able to carry their child (up to about 2-3 years).Otherwise, say Sling has no clearly defined limits as to what age or weight it should be a child.Feature sling for newborn - how worn, which can be varied.The child may be in the recumbent, reclining able to sit upright, face and back to her mother.By the way, ways of placing the sling on a woman may also be different, for example, it can be worn not only on the chest and the hips, back, and, most importantly, this situation can be changed without removing the child's right for yourself


very important to have some slings.For daily use at home is great classic single layer sling that has a ring.It can be sewn from satin or calico.Its peculiarity lies in the ease that is. E. It is easy to attach and also effortlessly removed, even if the baby fell asleep in it.

Wearing sling

Consider the same basic provisions that can take the kid, which my mother had already recognize all the comforts of babywearing.


sling wraps around the mother's body over his shoulder.This shoulder will be arranged ring to be adjusted using the general level how to be tensioned at the moment he sling.After that laid the baby in a pocket formed and tightens the sling edge, making sure that the child was the most convenient and houses and make him feel comfortable.Using this method of wearing a newborn, remember the important details - mother with the help of his right hand should not forget to support the baby's head.

vertical position sitting

to carry the baby in a position to accept the original position, as in the first embodiment.Wrapping a sling over his shoulder mother, taking care that the rings placed on the shoulder, and he was ahead of his pocket.Then place a child in the pocket so that he his legs as if encircled her waist mother.Distribute sling is necessary so that he could keep the most crumbs in a sitting position, and the kid at this point feel free.This method of carrying a child requires long preparation, both for the mother and for the baby.

situation in the hip

Starting position is no different from previous versions carrying the child.The only difference with this method is that a child sits on the mother's thigh and his feet at this point bow side of the mother.After this arrangement crumbs should tighten the upper and lower edges of the quilt.Because of this, the child can independently take a comfortable position in which he would not be any difficulty to consider what is happening and to know the world.

Finally, all of these methods are good for walking with the crumbs, but it is always worth remembering that how much you primatyvaete child to itself, it depends on the comfort (or he is asleep or awake).And the best thing to use to carry the baby sling - it is your duty to follow the edges of the tissue, they do not need to cut or crush the delicate skin of the crumbs.

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