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The history of costume, the wedding dress in Russia

Wedding ... What do you associate the word?White bride - she thought that, perhaps, there is every first ... Yes, today it's a tradition, but in the Middle Ages in France, the bride chose a white burgundy, because they thought that this color in the future will make men mad withpassion and love for them.Or, for example, if a girl wore a purple or lilac dress - it supposedly protected the future of her in-law claims.
So in this article I would like to talk about wedding dresses in different countries and time I started with France, and continue about her.But I will touch still largely traditions of the past.
France - a country that is a trendsetter.In every Frenchman and Frenchwoman reflected the more love for individuality, accordingly, all of the dresses in France do not like each other.A special feature of French costume hats are a number of which in its variations can not be counted.Style hats depends on the historic district, where she lives, for example, in Normandy hats were high and they were cal

led bourgeois.But Elzase headdress was considered a big silk bow red or black.Traditionally the French have in her closet a wedding must have been present four things: any blue thing, something old may still had inherited from her grandmother, respectively, which is something new, and one more thing - to borrow more oftenjust take this thing with a friend.It should be noted that this tradition Frenchwoman observe today, but now it has become part of a game and a tradition, they are already over with humor.Also present in the suit are four things that were sexual in nature: a belt that could unleash a husband only, apron, shoes, which meant pairing and union, often gave the bride shoes and, of course, the traditional garter.
Italy bride wore dresses that completely destroyed European canons of beauty.In vogue curvy shapes, which were considered the highest expression of femininity: the top of the dress clung fully feminine figure, and diverged from the waist pleats lungs.Interesting fact: in Italy it is considered that pearls strengthens family ties, and therefore, in their Italian wedding hair weave tried as much as possible zhemchuzhenek in their hair.In addition, they included in their wedding suite necessarily a pearl necklace, a necklace or bracelet.
Now get away from European traditions and see the traditions of distant India.It is worth noting that it is in India with all the traditions of wedding ceremonies, including wedding dresses have been preserved until today.Wedding Sarees - so called Indian wedding attire.Wedding Sarees, most often red and selected him in the tone of the groom's turban.Just matching sari and veil made on Indian head.Sari embroidered with various beads, decorated with embroidery and gold and silver threads and patterns.Most often, this dress is a work of art, which had been worked real masters and craftsmen.Particular attention is paid to their Indian jewelry.Decorating the bride inherits, bought them to future wedding or they daryatsya relatives.Earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces, clips, ring in the nose - all this should be an Indian on this momentous day.One of the main old traditions is the "parting painting" Bride and application points to the forehead, all that red paint makes the bride.Indian woman married barefoot in this connection, particular importance is attached to the decoration of the feet.From the tip of the hair to the tip of the nail ... That's what should characterize a wedding suite Indian bride.

history of costume, the wedding dress in Russia also played a huge role.Back in the old days it was thought that the girl who gets married, is "dead" for his past girlish life and his family, and went after her marriage to the family of her husband.Therefore, the wedding she wore a "funeral" of modest and mournfully.Some walked down the aisle in a black dress and a black veil.After the wedding ceremony the bride dresses in festive, bright, often red sundress, which symbolized the beginning of a new life.Dress Russian bride was extremely beautiful.He demonstrated the skills and crafts skills of the future of his wife and mistress, as well as material well-being of the family.Often sundresses passed from generation to generation, from grandmother to daughter and from daughter to granddaughter, and were part of the dowry of the bride.Dress decorated with beads, pearls, gold thread embroidery, fur and weight of the costume sometimes reaches fifteen kilograms.Under a sundress Russian bride wore a lot of skirts, thus making the figure visually magnificent.Head ornaments was woven a wreath of wildflowers.And after some time came to replace the wreaths tape, hoops and kokoshniki.
modern fashion allows the bride of almost all countries choose any dress according to your taste and mood.Today, the bride before the groom may appear in any guise, can be a medieval princess or a business and active woman in a suit, can be a Greek goddess or a dreamy and romantic girl hippie ...

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