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What are the customs of the wedding?

Matchmaking .A few months before the wedding, the groom's parents to come to the bride's parents and arrange the wedding.The issue, which will hold the event, how many guests will be invited, for what amount should be calculated.Women decide what dishes will be served.The issue should be resolved with the dresses groom a suit and bride should buy it.In a friendly atmosphere found out all the nuances of such a momentous event.

Wedding .Bride price.When the groom comes to the bride, on his way there, girlfriend, matchmaker, and demand a ransom.The payment for the bride, you can ask any course in reasonable aisles.Someone asks for money, and someone a bottle of milk.And the groom has to go to the store to buy out.If the groom has fulfilled all the requirements and hit "extortionists", the bride is given.Then the groom's parents meet the bride with bread with salt, drink and hit the road.Prior to the registrar's office the couple should go to different machines.There is a superstition, it is impossible f
or a wedding or the groom or the bride to wear watches.

After painting , the couple with the guests usually go to ride to the memorial places of the city or out of town.Husband and wife are now ride in the same car.The sign says that in this day nothing should stand between the newlyweds.When shooting a photo or video, someone will be between spouses, it is very bad.Try this day to be together all the time, holding hands and not letting go.Even if any man ever asked to be among you during the contest or game, do not be.
Meet the parents of spouses, with the icon, bread and salt.Say, who took a big piece of bread, he will be the boss.Then drink champagne, and being moved by itself crystal glasses, it is necessary that they broke into small pieces, say "Fortunately."

During the feast entertainment events (contests, quizzes).The second significant event of the day, after the wedding of course, stealing the bride.Usually relatives or friends conspire and lure one bride, groom distracting.But really need to worry about other, because it is his duty to redeem the bride.The third significant event, kidnapping shoes bride.For this, too, is responsible friend.Most likely he is to drink out of her shoes.Music, song, dance, usually last until morning.

with renewed vigor on the second day .Nestle comic performance or dressing men in women's clothes (mostly Roma).And in order to enter, one must drink "input."On the second day of the wedding VIPs are my friend and boyfriend.On the second day of the friend is kidnapped and her shoes stolen.Only now I have to pay a ransom groom (newlyweds).Thus, unmarried bridesmaids in the comic version of trying to help arrange a personal life.It continued all through the night.

still , in the villages there is a custom to put the parents of the bride and groom in a cart, and take a dip in the river.And also accepted, if the parents are married younger (last) daughter, the slaughter number in the yard or around that there was no divorce and remarriage in children.This makes the bride's father.

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