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Garter for the bride, what is it?

wear it on the right foot a little above the knee.Sometimes it seems unfair when another bride throws back through the crowd of guests bouquet (of belief soon caught his girlfriend to marry).A man at this time sheepishly shuffled aside.

In our society, for some reason, it is believed that men are afraid to get married, but it's not so many of them are not off to start a family and children.For them to balance the wedding traditions we have recently introduced the following: freshly baked groom throws the garter into a crowd of men with feet of the bride.This value is the same as that of the bride's bouquet - a man caught a garter soon marry.This tradition came to us from the west.It used to be that to bring home a piece of wedding dress newlyweds means to lure the house good luck.Because of that, the guests at the wedding were trying to snatch a piece of clothing newlyweds, and to protect the young from such turmoil in the crowd began to throw the garter of the bride and groom have to take it off!Bride

women do not feel discriminated against, it throws the bouquet.

Incidentally, in North America, two young bride wears a garter.One above the knee, and the second about the palm above the first.First the groom removes the garter and throwing a party at her with his unmarried guests, and the second takes alone.It's called the honey.It is not strange it may seem, but the groom removes the garter and throws it into the crowd of guests before the bride to throw the bouquet.Now the truth, spreading the order is not important ritual objects and each couple decides this question for themselves.Typically, this occurs towards the end of the celebration, when all will have time to treat yourself wedding cake.When it comes time to throw the garter do it this way: Put his bride on a chair, gently lift her skirt and her hands grope the garter, then loosen and remove the elastic garter raised leg of the bride.Doing this uncomfortable teeth as often the bride and wide skirts.If the bride does not want to raise her skirt tradition allows the guests to the bride herself lifted her, then she should give it to you, and with his back to the crowd throw the garter.Be sure that the cloth lightweight material and need to throw with the force that it does not fall at your feet.

As already mentioned, it is believed that the man who caught the garter, will soon marry and be happy in marriage.Once accepted, the man caught a garter dancing with a woman who catches the bride's bouquet.It is acceptable if during the dance the man slowly put on a woman's garter of the bride.Also, throw a friend a young bride can not garter and some flower from the bride's bouquet.

Lovely girl, a little advice for you.Garter should choose to match the dress.It must be in harmony with stockings and shoes.As a rule, it is white or red.It is possible to decorate it with ribbons, lace or rhinestones.The main thing that it looked good on your legs and not distracting from the overall style of dress.

So we dealt with the question why a garter for the bride.It's just a wedding tradition that, like any other, it is possible to observe, but you can give it up.

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