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20 original ways to make an offer

  1. Make a game in the style of "quest" - to hide the ring in a safe place (in the freezer or in a neighboring tank) and with the help of clues on pieces of paper to help find his beloved.
  2. Hire aircraft with a huge banner "Marry me" and make sure that when he flew over you, she looked up and read the inscription.
  3. During the flight on vacation to a tropical island to negotiate with the flight attendant and ask for marriage for girls speaker.
  4. Agreeing with the cinema management to the end of the film (which you invite the girl, of course), launched a pre-recorded video from the main issue.Such a film you both remember for a long time!
  5. Make favorite bath with fragrant foam, rose petals and candles.To build a boat out of paper and quietly put back the engagement ring.
  6. Invite a girl to a restaurant and to negotiate with the waiter to bring the champagne glasses.At the bottom of the glass of the bride has a wedding ring should lie.

    a fun way to make an offer

  7. to seamlessly and beautifully to m
    ake a proposal, put his beloved ring on the ring finger while she sleeps.Imagine her surprise the next morning when she finds out that is already engaged.Answer "Yes" is guaranteed!
  8. Pull the red silk ribbon from one wall to another apartment, and her using pins to attach small notes with the happiest moments of your life together, or the reasons why you love your girlfriend.On the last note, to capture the most important question.You may want to pin the pin engagement ring.
  9. Record marriage proposal on the video and put it on YouTube, and then throw him a link to his girlfriend.The Video can be very alone, or with the help of friends.And if you decide to do absolutely original proposal to get married, ask to participate in the recording of strangers on the street!Let each of them will say the word, the word will come to your recognition and the most important question, "Will you marry me?".

    ways to make an offer

  10. Create a site with a title page that lists all the affection you have for the favorite, but in the end the main issue under the post two buttons "Yes" and "Yes."
  11. If a girl loves a sweet, nice box to collect all her favorite delicacy, and put a note on the bottom with an attached ring.Packed box as magnificent gift and send a courier girl to work or home (if you do not live together).
  12. Bake or order a Chinese fortune cookie, inside of which is a note with the main issue.
  13. Order confectioner magnificent cake with the words "Will you marry me?" And send a girl courier.
  14. restaurant negotiate with the waiter to at the time of the order, he wrote on a side dish girl ketchup, chocolate sauce, or the most important words.
  15. order the production of the puzzle, which will turn out collecting the words "Marry me."

    how to make an offer

  16. Buy phosphoric stars for interior and put them on the bed, his question.It is better to do it in the morning or afternoon, but the girl did not see, of course.Phosphorus is time to "soak up" the light of day, and the stars will shine brighter when you turn off the light and go to bed.
  17. the very ordinary evening, for example, on Wednesday, give beloved tablet sizes for rings and ask to choose your own.When she begins to understand and criticize you, that it should be a surprise and the offer should do nicely, not casually pulled out his already bought the ring and stretch it with the words: "Then perhaps, examples of this?".
  18. Originally help make an offer antique bottle and artificially aged paper.Write on such "old" piece of paper the issue, take a straw and put it in a bottle.Plug the neck of the vessel and dig where you enjoy a walk with a girl, or before going to the beach.During the walk "accidentally" get the bottle and asked the girl to read the message.When she raises her eyes on you, pull it in advance prepared ring.

    message in a bottle

  19. How to offer beautiful, original and fun?Cut off the box from under the refrigerator or washing machine bottom, decorate its wrapping paper, bows and ribbons, and attach the note "Your gift to last a lifetime."Bring a box under the door of the house or office where he works your girl, climb up into and tap.To be sure that the "gift" it will unpack your future wife, on the note is better to specify the destination.
  20. persuaded friends to create a flash mob and the figure of the people in the form of heart, or the words "Marry me" under the balcony of the house where your love lives.

how to make an offer

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