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Applying to the registrar

Under Russian law, registration of marriage should take place poistechenii month after you applied.In the case of pregnancy nevestyzaregistrirovat young under the new law may in the day when they napisalizayavlenie befitting the content, but you can on any day you wish.

When firm intention to apply to the registrar, it is necessary to consider in advance of the wedding.Young new law dolzhnyizvestit each other about their state of health, in addition to this, they need to undergo a medical osmotrsamostoyatelno or direction that will give the registrar.To chtobysvadebnaya ceremony took place on the scheduled day of your statement podatza need six to eight weeks prior to the day of your celebration, this period is maksimalnymdlya application under Russian law.The minimum term for podachimolodozhenami application to the registrar - one month.But it often happens that the coming zamesyats before the wedding day you have chosen, will be busy.Although etosovsem you are not satisfied, will have to choose on

e of those options that remain.

list of documents required when applying to the registrar obrakosochetanii

  • ID of the newlyweds.
  • Passports of bride and groom.

If any of the young yavlyaetsyanesovershennoletnim, you need to grant permission to the court that the person dannyynesovershennoletny until legal age for marriage shall vbrak.If either the bride, libonevesta previously married, then we must bring the original certificate orastorzhenii.Provide originalsvidetelstva the death of a spouse is necessary in the event that vashizbrannik widowed.

If one of the newlyweds is grazhdaninomdrugogo State the following documents for submission to the ZAGSzayavleniya:

  • Passports of bride and groom.
  • Help marital status (about otsutstviipregrad for registration of marriage).
  • to a foreign citizen need a visa allowing him to stay in the territory of the State in which he zhelaetzaklyuchit marriage.All the documents collected in another country, you must perevestina Russian, notarized and put a special stamp nazyvaemyyapostil.It is needed for the document to be recognized abroad.

Rights and obligations of the persons entering into a marriage

the registry office after receipt of the application is necessary to introduce young Suslov and order during the marriage, and the bride and groom need to know the marital status and the health of each other.This includes the responsibility sotrudnikovZAGSa warning on responsibility for them, if any izmolodyh hide any obstacles to the registration, explaining to young people the right responsibilities of the future spouses and parents.

registration procedure is carried out in the registry office in prisutstviilits entering into marriage.It may take place in another location, such as in the hospital or at home, if there was a kind of disease or other uvazhitelnayaprichina, the main condition - is the presence of the newlyweds.Osnovaniemmozhet valid address and your desire to create in his estate, on a boat, on the beach.

a married couple in identity documents, is bound to be a corresponding entry on the registration that took place, vnesenyimya, first name, last name and year of birth of a spouse, but also time and mestoregistratsii marriage.

There are obstacles in which to register the marriage vZAGSe prohibited:

  • not register the marriage between people, if one izmolodozhenov recognized in court imbecile or insane.
  • denied registration isestrami between brothers, adoptive parents and adopted children, between parents and children.

procedure marriage

for marriage legally neobhodimozaplatit legal costs.

gala celebration is totally dependent on vashegozhelaniya, and its price on your selected services and registrar.

When marriage ipredmety following documents are required:

  • application for registration.
  • Passports of bride and groom.
  • Receipt of payment of state duty.
  • Wedding rings bought you in advance.
  • champagne and glasses.
  • Wedding loaf and towel.
  • chocolates in a box.

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