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How to cancel the wedding?

However, you continue to hear and listen etotgolos.Many women samymznamenatelnym to-day life, too skeptical, but prefer to suppress vsebe this excitement and experience.In fact, many women are just afraid mneniyaokruzhayuschih afraid to hurt them and afflict them, afraid that he would never nevstretyat a man who can love in general is constantly something Tobo.And as a result, women and even for plechamigody decades unhappy family life, and in fact this can be byloizbezhat.One need only find the courage to listen to yourself.After etotolko first time will be hard.Seychasvy learn a few tips to help you survive this situation.

Proyavitesostradanie to her fiance

the worst option for your fiance - it otmenasvadby.Perhaps he knows the reasons vashegoresheniya, but now he's so angry, humiliated, frightened and discouraged that only thinks about it.Navernyakavashi friends, parents and relatives will try to help you, but it will only escalate samymobstanovka.You have to do everything to neusugublyalos

position, but at least remained at the same level.Of course, talking is easier than doing.But vydolzhny be sympathetic, responsive and compassionate.Do not take a defensive position.Perhaps your partner does not want to be a swami any future relationship, but if you still come to him this idea vgolovu, it will give him a favor, tell him that he can rely on you and vygotovy support him morally, but the romance came to an end.


You will need some time to be vodinochestve until the situation razyasnitsya.Proyavite kindness, courtesy and responsiveness as you mozhete.Postaraytes thank everyone for their understanding and apologize zaneudobstva, and forthat you all podveli.Ne arrange dismantling with her fiance and his family.


Of course, everyone will talk to you norovit libobudut discuss behind or in his eyes say what they think.If you because of this nervous, togdapodumayte that of you may say, and do not wind ourselves.Be above it.In such a case, be maksimalnosniskhoditelny.This situation sluchilastolko your fault.


If you decide to cancel the wedding, then neobhodimoostanovit all the preparations, from the venue of the celebration, the order svadebnogotorta and colors, finishing tamadoy.Pomnite that you need to cancel all planned: it will neudobnayasituatsiya whena couple of weeks at the door of your house will be musicians playing classical music.If you have already managed to send out invitations nasvadbu, remember that your job is - to notify all the abolition of the celebration.Remember that you must notify all doedinogo.If you have time to send postcards togdamozhno apology, and if all the time to spare, togdamozhno limited to simple e-mail or phone call.Do not rely on the groom and his family vyzavarili this mess, then you ought to address this issue and ask for help from nevzdumayte frustrated husband.Only friends can vampomogat this.Pretty good option - it is an e-mail message iligolosovoe, but in addition, each guest should receive napechatannuyuotkrytku apology from the organizers of the celebration (usually the parents).Let the man who does not silnorasstroilsya this decision, recheck the guest list to make sure that all warned.


Certainly, it would be an expensive solution.Moreover, you or your parents have budutzaplatit for canceling reservations.If it is a very difficult decision, then nastroytesebya to believe that an investment in yourself and that the divorce cost you bygorazdo expensive.Furthermore, it is best to avoid conflicts.

Vernitevse gifts

Return everything otsamyh small things before the wedding ring.After all the gifts were purchased for the family of the couple, but if you're not going to get married, then podarkinuzhno return.

Take care of yourself

Many girls in takihsituatsiyah polnostyupogruzhayutsya in stress and go suppressed because of the bridegroom.If this happens, then so is destined bylo.Konechno, you too have gone through a lot of stress, and now you hardly someone budetblagosklonen, you might even be no one to support.To relax, go do something so that gives you a feeling of comfort and self uyuta.Vytaschite this sostoyaniya.Ustroyte a holiday, go to a beauty salon.

not vzdumaytevozvraschatsya the old

Surely, your family Ydrousa try to dissuade you from such a decision.Politely thanked everyone inastoyatelno but firmly explain that nothing can be done, that you have vsereshili.You are now able to vstressovom, and in such situations it is very difficult protivostoyatugovoram relatives, so remember that if you have already decided everything, the obratnyyh Needless to seek ways to try not to talk at all on this subject.

Seek support

you will very quickly be able to understand who is on your side and who is not.Try to be vokruzhenii those people who support you and those who believe misrepresented that you need it and deserve it.You were as good and prekrasnymchelovekom, just a little bit late with his decision.Remember that if you do not want this wedding iotmenili it, then did everything right, this is the best solution not only dlyavas, but also for the groom.Even cherezneskolko weeks you will feel the load on the decision, if you samostoyatelnone can handle it, then contact the person zaprofessionalnoy help.It is not necessary etorastsenivat like crazy, just show concern towards himself.

You will not be able to hear a reaction from many people, but women who have their own opinion and firm decisions, dostoynypohvaly.After a few years of your druzyabudut almost on the verge of divorce because it was never able to save your marriage, and you will be proud of the fact that once found the strength and courage chtobyprinyat decided to cancel the wedding and announce it.Many women are killed luchshiegody his life on an unhappy marriage because time is simply not smogliuslyshat inner voice, as did vy.Otmenit wedding - it's a great experience that will come in handy chtobyprinimat solutions in every sphere of life.Congratulate yourself that learned to listen islyshat itself.Compassion, mercy and kindness to yourself and to other people, so you not only preodoleetevse difficulties, but also succeed in life.

Do not worry, the time will come and you will meet togocheloveka, which will be able to live in a happy marriage of 50 years!

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