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Stress before marriage

As a rule, most of the stress of wedding girl perezhivaetneposredstvenno because that part with the same carefree and careless life, as well as strahapered unclear unknown buduschim.Kogda say "yes", you need to stick to already existing image sebya.VGenerally, it is this kind of loss, and the loss - it's always a sadness here appear idepressii and stress, and poor nastroenie.Nekotorym of us manage to survive this crisis very easily mnogiedevushki cross the threshold of marriage and begin their happy married life.But others can not master themselves, so they either strongly in different ways trying to delay the wedding libosbegayut of the registrar.To prevent this, you must know where berutsyaeti fears.Sometimes this is enough to overcome them and start supruzheskuyuzhizn.

horrifying spirit free woman

just a few weeks before the wedding surpasses your imagination and fever.You look at his favorite and you see it is not solid virtues as before, but some shortcomings, to find fault with him for th

e little things.Instead of living together, you start to fight.One of the married women recognized psychologist: "We almost canceled the wedding, I cried at night, in the afternoon I had mood, I all screamed and frustrated, I had no appetite, because feelings and stress, I lost 7 kilograms.I always thought I was going to marry the wrong man.I called my ex-boyfriend and made an appointment, start to flirt at work with staff.In general, I almost changed his handpicked ... .but my matron had stopped me and to reason, and so I lost such a good man. "

And this woman is not the only one, and you are no exception.Many women behave the same way in front of the upcoming wedding.This does not mean that they suddenly realize that you have chosen the wrong man for life together.Frightened woman begins to indulge in tempting pleasures and play out a sudden appetite for adventure, they become quarrelsome and provocatively.Men, too, are not far removed from us.After all, they experience more and more women.Before the wedding if we start to ring a bell signaled that perhaps there is more beautiful, more promising, more intelligent, better options.But to get rid of these secret "whisperings" of the soul, it is necessary to understand where they come from.When we know better, "the spirit of a free woman," unpleasant thoughts dispelled themselves.

If still it does not help, then the reason lies much deeper and perhaps its roots go even from childhood.Often, our ex-boyfriend left a deep imprint in the heart and each time we remember and experience it.They can not be forgotten to the end.In my heart aches sadness and remain vague feelings.And then just before the wedding, we start to think that maybe somewhere, somehow, someone did not realize ourselves and think that we can not do it with a real man.

Fear ties

If your fiance is constantly escapes to drink beer with friends, surely he funked and panic.He thinks that when the passport will be stamped, you put the yoke on him and he will become addicted.More than a year as your fiance began to live independently and enjoy the bachelor life, and most importantly - it does not have to be accountable to anyone.And when it comes to marriage, he sees only what is required to constantly, and of course, yearns for the dissolute life that he liked so much.

He thinks that it is not waiting for a happy family life and a beautiful wife, in his mind just what he was waiting for "shackles".Man becomes jealous friends who live freely as they want and like.However, with all these thoughts to his future wife does not become easier.The most important thing in such a situation to be understanding and peace.

Free and single

you have 25, and a choice of which you always dreamed.But in spite of this, when he was just starting to think about marriage, you translate the conversation to another topic.You feel and know that it is incomprehensible that the stress, but to deal with this is not possible.Women say that they have everything ready for the wedding, invitations sent out ... And then comes the fear of what will need to take responsibility for someone else.They began to be like a man loses his job and with a beer sitting on the couch watching television and the woman have to work for two.

Many women break the relationship with the groom before the wedding, and then regret it.Chosen in this case, as a rule, do not mind, just go.Their friend successfully marry and have children, and they are the same lonely and somewhere far away in the shower dreaming of marriage.Often these women are themselves free of a lioness.If you treat this type, then before you give up on the marriage proposal and come back to the apartment, where you only yearn for a cat, understand for yourself that you're so afraid.

As a rule, are not you afraid of a partner, not a lack of money and life.An independent and free woman often cancels the wedding because he is afraid of being abandoned.So you protestuesh not recognize what you want to be dependent on someone and at the same time trying to hide the fear of marriage.Are you afraid of what her husband "knocks" from you the independent woman, and then throw.The reason that a woman does not want you to go get married may lie in childhood.Maybe you how much was dependent on their parents, now your fear became so huge due to fear of becoming dependent on the other person, your husband.

After the stress and emotions

You had once been married and you were offered again?But first marriage was unsuccessful, you experienced a divorce and depression, so now just afraid that the same thing happened.

women say that when the day comes in which they come for the first time in marriage, every year experiencing stress and panic are afraid that it will happen again, saying that the second divorce just destroyed them.

you caught yourself thinking that trying to compare the new elect with her first husband and tries to find it the same qualities and traits.But if you're not getting married for the first time, then you should understand that such experiences are quite appropriate.Divorce has been in your life and it is an injury that is not going anywhere, it needs to survive and release.Because of this, when you hear the re-proposal of marriage, you start to feel fear.Do not fight these insidious ideas and designs first marriage that failed, a new one.Now the foreground current relationship, loans them.

In fact, some argue that a failed first marriage - is the perfect alibi to not do it again.Women are told that once you try the marriage, do not want to experience it again.

Major depression, little problems

Maybe you have no problems at all, or it is not as big as you inflated it?You're just afraid of the wedding.When you see the wedding dress, you are overcome jitters.And always think that the altar will fall into a swoon.So what's wrong?Not at all.This is the usual emotions, just weathering this day and all.Stress out or at least reduced when a person relaxes relax you.

Tell us about your thoughts and doubts her future husband.Remember that a good relationship - is sincere and trusting relationship.If negativity will accumulate in your head, then soon it will lead to the drama.Because at one point all the bad thoughts come out.But if you're still she can not cope with them, then recognize that the problem lies within you and you need to go to a psychologist.

Sometimes stress before marriage - it is a signal that we are not able to build a good relationship.Therefore, in such a situation, the partner will not help you.He simply could not bear it.