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The secret of a beautiful and successful wedding

dress. Actually, this is the main incentive for us to go to the registrar.But it must choose!And so many of them .. And so beautiful.And all are so expensive.What to do?First you need to calm down and ... exhale.And then think, and what kind of wedding dress do you want?Imagine it down to the smallest detail.The next step - recall his real weight and dimensions.Only real and not declared.Incidentally, this is in your best interest.Further, should clearly define its financial "ceiling" and all that it exceeds do not look ... Oh, how lovely ... But we agreed not to watch!And now you can start looking.It saves a lot of time and - much more important - spiritual strength.

secret of beautiful and successful wedding also lies in the organization of the celebration.Now what did not offer - and the number of cars (Masha + Vanya), and videos, and fireworks, and white doves in the clouds.The cost of weddings tends to infinity.But if all of a sudden (well, all of a sudden?) For the financial issues you have li

ttle value, the emotional and physical costs of organizing so exhausting that the only thought in anticipation of the wedding - is: "Lord, well, let it be over soon!" To avoid this you need tothe choice to do without pigeons (after all, this is violence against avian);dump all the organizational issues on someone's shoulders courageous (and what? Let's future husband will show that he is worthy).

guests. the wedding for some reason did not invite those who want to.And those who are offended if not invited.Latest recruited two hundred people.You face them and I do not remember, and my mother said, "Well, it is impossible, it is inconvenient."We must get tough.

this is your holiday.
And if someone wants to have fun at the wedding - so let him go and get married.In this regard, there are a few secrets to a beautiful and successful marriage, for example, the most feasible options: sit alone with my parents a couple of hours, and then fly to the reckless party with the best of friends;If finances allow, let them all come.God is with them.In the crowd of aunts and uncles, anyway, get lost, and you will be happy to look into the eyes of the elect, and it will look into your.And they let him go.Mom, it is nice.Of course, all of the wedding can not be foreseen.Be sure something will happen - will break the limousine and you just do not be late to the registrar, tear stockings witness pour red wine on a white dress, broken heel, and father-in-law will be with the adherents of different political camps.And then your wedding will save only one thing - that you love each other.In fact, this is the main success of your marriage and your life.But what toastmaster in plaster or someone something did not like - so it is the right word, the little things.

Men related to the wedding. Men seldom marry for money.Typically, this is a love marriage or forced.It so happens that men marry either very early (before 22 years) or very late (after 30).Since the proposal is almost always married men do, then for him it means first declaration of taking responsibility for the future family.Men come into spontaneous (impulsive) marriages not less than women.Very often, especially at a young age, they confuse love with love.