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How to marry after 50?

What do you expect to get?

  • protection;
  • support and the opportunity to share svoimimyslyami, emotions;
  • confidence;
  • harmony, implementation needs to live radilyubimogo rights;
  • understanding at a glance;
  • mutual respect.

Why can not you find a partner?What's stopping you?

  1. you lost "childlike", that is, you think your age has chtov indecent and it is not possible delatekstravagantnye and rash acts.And you take and try vdrugvam like to learn new electronic gadgets or skydive.
  2. may fall in love with someone, and it would be a joy, because a bunch bolezneyzamuchil and selects all the forces that could be used for the construction of novyhotnosheny.Of course, when you feel bad, you love and do not want to think ... Take a: go to the doctor, you likely to self-medicate Well ilizhdete is self-will;start to eat right and move more.
  3. compare with what you have already experienced: a lover, byvshimmuzhem.As a general rule, think about this woman who were widowed.Pogibshiysuprug was perfect, and you beg
    in to think that nobody ever nevstretitsya you better, such a relationship is not repeated.Do not place sebekrest let myself be happy.Give a chance.And most importantly -Think about what your husband, I would like that you do not suffer, and continued to live, not just to live, and be schastlivoy.Soglasites to be a happy one series small.
  4. you for so many years are alone, just rastvorilisv children and grandchildren, you just do not umeetezhit differently.This is your barrier to a happy life.You dolzhnyimet their own territory and it does not matter how old you are 30 or 65. Vamsovsem optional day and night to spend time with their grandchildren.Remember that in five or ten years from appearing nihnachnut their interests, friends, and they will pay you to have menshevremeni.And you'll be left with nothing ...
  5. you're used to one clothes, one meal, one house, and the regime of the day, if you just "stuck" in time.Remember to life zaigralanovymi paint itself must be something to do and change, right?
  6. Criticize yourself because your manners and habits have only old, otnimayutprivlekatelnost and sexuality.This applies to manicure and a haircut, uk sit-round gathering on the bench with seeds, and to the constant discussion of when and vkakom amount will retire.

Let us consider three of the most glavnyhprichiny because of what the woman after 50 seeks to marry.Indeed, in samomnazvanii article the focus is on the age, anyway, in takomvozraste all done differently.For the sake of great love marry at 18-22 years old, to not consider a spinster (even if you are no longer a girl) v26-30 years.Women 35 years old trying to jump out to marry, to have a baby -Update opportunity, but in 50 years, why do it?

Marry after 50 to improve the material condition

In a country where we live, all ads in the account of the work have malenkoeprimechanie "under 35 years", which means if you are 40 and those over 50,some work nesyskat because employers believed you already old.And it happens even despite the fact that every year the retirement age zhenschinyuvelichivaetsya and promise that they will increase more, but how to get narabote and live before retirement in such circumstances no one to explain is not mozhet.Po this reason a woman should at this ageshow vsyusoobrazitelnost and wonders of imagination to survive.Sometimes it is much easier to find a husband than a job and allow emuzabotitsya currently.However, to find and make your spouse horoshoobespechennogo man, you have to be healthy, well-groomed, intelligent, beautiful Isamu importantly - wise.Because you have a lot of competition in the form 20-30letnih girls who hover near the crowds of men, only to non-performing and live at their expense.

Surely, this is the most difficult task - to find financial independence of her husband, which will provide both you and your children.You have to constantly monitor zasvoey figure looks to be always in good shape, do not pay attention to naintrizhki young secretary and wife indulge in everything.

Therefore, after 50 to find a husband, you have to be not just sexual, wise, charming, met with the wife working in good duhas smile on his face, you have to be perfect.

But where to find such a man?As a rule, they "live" in the zakrytyhklubah, expensive restaurants, its own stables and racetracks, paid plyazhahi other fashionable places.

Marry after 50, not to be left alone

This is the most common reason for the search of her husband at this age.Children uzhevyrosli and live at home, the husband or left for another woman, and died there irabota, and health, and finances, but there is no enthusiasm - nothing to do.Sometimes itosklivo at heart, and boring, so at one point during prosmotraocherednogo series about love, you decide to get married.If you think so, then you can use any man, as long as it was ryadom.Postaraytes find a younger man who is not yet very well razbiraetsyav feminine wiles, or vice versa, more mature man who, like vymechtaet of home andcomfort.On the men his age do not stare because they almost all are passionate sexual entertainment with molodenkimidevochkami.Remember that the most important dlyamuzhchiny - it is delicious to eat and were filled with his every whim.Occasionally make him expensive gifts and samibegayte for a beer.If you want to get married just to escape from loneliness, then you do not need sexuality, intelligence and beauty, you have to have a car, an apartment, a bank account, to be able to cook and have a strong zhelaniemoslozhnit their lives, decide when to have a husband.

Marry after 50 to love and be loved

Of course, it's hard to believe, and then a lot of women after forty otbrosilivse thought that you can really fall in love, and mutual.The starshezhenschina, the more it has the knowledge and experience, and if after 40 years, she was alone, so this experience is very pechalen.Izmeny, meetings, betrayal, separation, loss taught not only to look differently at the world, but also in relationswith men.Furthermore, the earlier you may have thought about what you want a white horse prince, but now you uzheponimaete that without it, you can live in peace.At a young age to love chelovekaprosche because we do not require a supernatural person, but over the years nasnachinayut annoy many things.Vyunosti woman falls in love at first, and then think.And after the first 50 woman thinks vsehoroshenko weighs, and then lets himself fall.

Remember, love for all ages.Allow yourself to really zhit.Peresmotrite film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", because there is only sorokaletnemvozraste heroine fell in love for real.Yes, you say that it's a movie, but pokavy not believe in miracles, they will not happen to you.

Do not look at your age, remember that in this case - is vashepreimuschestvo.The older you get, the more experience you have, patience and wisdom.

Is it possible to go zamuzhposle 50?

Of course, much depends on how well you look inaskolko you "golden" hands.If you are well-groomed woman in your 60 and you give 50ne, then chances are you have more than enough.

If you do not familiar with the story, then read on the Internet, women marry when they have not only children but also grandchildren.There are many forums and websites that pestryattakimi stories.Marry after 50 is quite possible, most importantly, do not give up INE despair.

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