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Procedure debunking after divorce

But to stand alone before God - is doubly responsible.Our wedding was just hours pomposity.The rite began some public shows, once again walk and drink.But it is necessary to know that such a step should not be a tribute to fashion, but a deliberate, measured, mutual decision.

Church welcomes and divorce is not condemned, but there is a concession to human weakness.The procedure debunking after divorce and the resolution of the entry into another marriage can only carry out a bishop.In order to appeal to the bishop asking to discredit and remove the blessing, you need to have a document of divorce and that no canonical obstacles for remarriage.But in Orthodoxy there is a restriction on the secondary ecclesiastical marriage - no more than three marriages.

There is a list of motives for debunking after divorce.It is very big.In 1918 the Council of the Russian Orthodox Church has listed this list.

The first and most important reason for a church divorce, as written in the Gospel, is the adultery of a spo

use.If one of the parties to the marriage departed from Orthodoxy changed faith confession.The entry of either spouse in a second marriage.Good reasons for discrediting considered incapable of living together, because of the self-mutilation of one of the spouses.Just syphilis or leprosy gives the right to terminate the church marriage, defects that are considered unnatural, if a person has gone missing and is wanted for a long time.One of the reasons for discrediting, which in our time is becoming more common - is the attempt on the life and health of a spouse and children.Procuring and snohachestvo also an occasion to address to the bishop.So, if one spouse is terminally ill mentally, he can not be responsible for their actions.

This list is valid motives and sow day.But in 2000 this list was supplemented by some more reasons.It is the most common phenomenon in our lives.The procedure for debunking is possible if one of the spouses has AIDS, the disease witnessed physicians.Another reason for the termination of a marriage is a disease of a family member with alcoholism and drug addiction.To do this, you must provide a medical opinion, on that basis, you can obtain the dissolution of the marriage.As for the removal of blessing there is another reason, in my opinion, the most disgusting and horrible, if a woman does not agree with the abortion of the second half.Allowed an exception if an abortion is necessary for medical or pregnancy threatens the woman's life.

As such, the "debunking procedure after divorce 'does not exist.The process of termination of a marriage is that you give permission and blessing for a second marriage.But this marriage should be officially registered with the state authorities.Only in this way you will be able to marry a second time.Civil marriage in the Orthodox Ethics considered cohabitation and fornication is a sin - adultery, that such marriages are not married.Intimacy in marriage not concluded - it is a very big sin.

If you decide to legalize their relationship a second time and come to a common decision to stand before God for the connection of their souls, we should request the glorification of his first marriage to the local diocesan administration and prompt you how to create and write a petition to theBishop.With a certificate necessary to have the wedding in the first marriage, the document on termination of his first marriage, and that entered into a new one.A visit to the church after the divorce of the former spouses, is not considered mandatory.In debunking can submit one of the spouses, if it is in the above-mentioned reasons.

Before deciding on the wedding, remember that it is a sacrament that is necessary to carry through their entire lives without a drop of regret.Harder than the union in heaven no one has yet come up with!You are now responsible not only each other, but to God.Therefore, the ratio of this rite must be very serious.In my opinion, it is not necessary after the murals were in the state.organs run immediately to the church and to give a tribute to tradition.Maybe we should spend a few years in wedlock, and eventually, he realized that the whole world is your significant other and you are ready to take responsibility for your loved one and future children.Think about this important step!The family must have faith, trust and love!