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We make the best guest list for the wedding

necessary to solve many problems and organizational issues: nothing is impossible to forget, lose sight of the need to keep the exact time.

Some couples take a mutual decision to apply to a special agency, which serves to prepare the wedding is called "turnkey".That is, good people for you all decide and do everything, take into account the wishes of the most incredible and realize the most fantastic ideas, fantastic scenarios.There will be no worry that your first family event will be truly unique and exclusive.

Most couples tend to the combined organization of the celebration: that a trust agencies, and operate something themselves.

And, of course, there are brave people who take up the organization of the wedding on their own, doing their own forces and with the help of friends and comrades, relatives.Step bold and not always justified.But this is a private matter.Now it will be a different story.

Whichever option prepare future spouses choose, obviously one: the first step is to make yourself th

e best guest list for the wedding.This process will gladly join the parents, but as practice shows, the problem of this does not become easier, but on the contrary, complicates the situation.After all, the concept of a list of the best - quite capacious.And if we approach this matter with all the shares of rationality and responsibility, then it will be possible to avoid many misunderstandings and trouble.

So, compose an optimal guest list for the wedding.

Firstly, we have a budget of any wedding.To keep within its scope, it is necessary to approach this issue constructively, not biased with some cold calculation.It is important to note that the problem - not just write a list of friends, acquaintances, friends and enemies, various relatives, neighbors and colleagues.It is necessary to create truly optimal guest list for the wedding, where the word "optimal" - key.By the way, the pre-approved budget will then avoid unnecessary tears, conflicts and scandals.

Secondly, almost all the future newlyweds, with one party or another, there is some kind of pernicious Aunt Motya or drink much alcohol-based products, and under their influence deboshiryaschy relative of Ivan Solomonovich.Before you make a choice in favor of a guest, the young should think: is it worth it to do and that, in fact, is at stake.They will later betrothed to live with "a heavy burden" eternal resentment aunt Moti or listen to the joint family holidays ferocious flow of drunken abuse Ivan Solomonovicha?Whatever it was, it's all going to happen then, Postscript, and not a day of celebration, when nothing should mar the bright holiday.There is no place for misunderstandings, scandals, fights, and any resentment at all.Therefore, before a list of invitees, it is necessary to consider all the good options and effects.

Another important point.Importantly, long before the intended date of safely count all the potential guests who are planning to invite to the wedding.Then expose the list of tough wording.Well, and then, if necessary, make adjustments and situational changes.However, to delay this matter should not be: Again, the budget - it is not made of rubber, and any adjustment to be made in the first place, so as not to undermine the financial well-being of future family.Just good manners considered sending invitation cards (or orally to invite all depends on education, culture and traditions of intrafamily) for at least two weeks before the landmark date, and even earlier.After all, the wedding is actively preparing not only the bride and groom, but future guests.They also need to give time for reflection, preparations for the upcoming event as well, so that they can tell if they can do to honor you with their presence.This is an important issue that can not be overlooked.

Another significant moment.When the guest list for the wedding made, was all possible and even the editors has already been approved in order to avoid unpleasant incidents and of a "Surprise of the moment", it would be good to newlyweds stir your memory and remember all those people who may appear at the wedding without an invitation and a warning.If such a surprise can be a pleasant surprise - it is necessary to allocate additional expenditure.Well, if you visit your celebration with some individuals did not desirable - it is necessary to take appropriate measures.

Perhaps this is the first joint family training, responsible choices that will affect the whole course of the forthcoming wedding.In such an important matter as drawing up the guest list for the wedding without compromising indispensable.This will be a good workout in the ability to respect each other's opinions, the ability to listen and hear, to give and to sacrifice.In front of a big event that will change all habitual way of life, a huge step into the future.In a new future together.