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Preparations for the wedding, you need to know

're 4 months

skin care

At the wedding, you, of course, will constantly taking pictures, including from close range.In addition, many people will embrace and kiss you, heartily wishing happiness.So close attention to the condition of your skin can not be avoided.For four months, you can significantly improve her condition, using the right makeup.You should start with a good cleansing program for the skin.

you need turn-based system, which necessarily includes:

- cleanser specifically for your skin type, to wash in the morning;

- day moisturizing cream;

- liquid makeup remover and cleansing foam to prepare the skin for the night;

- scrub to get rid of dead skin cells.Use it should be at least once a week depending on skin type.

If you have the opportunity, you should consult a dermatologist.Doctor have to say the date of your wedding and to describe the effect that you would get after visiting the beauty parlor.You can recommend a series of procedures to care, for example, peeling or mask cert

ain that it will help your skin look perfect.

all happen after 6 weeks

think through makeup

With full confidence we can say that in your power to make your own wedding make-up, you just need to practice.Anyway, even if you go to the salon before the wedding, I want to be irresistible, and at the dinner with their parents, and the bachelorette party, so these skills will be useful.You can attend a free promoseans makeup, which carried many brands.If you like the result, you just repeat it.Also, follow the advice of our makeup artists in preparation for the wedding, you need to know they will tell you.

4 weeks before ...

whiten teeth

At the wedding smile should shine white to blend in with the snow-white dress.We recommend that you go to the dentist and whiten teeth.Only it should be done in advance to the solemn day everything returned to normal.You can carry out teeth whitening at home with the help of special tools, which are sold in a pharmacy - this way you will be able to lighten the shade of an average of two tones.Walking in the fresh air.Buy a jogging suit and go for a jog.2-3 km a day will not only improve your physical fitness, but also satiate the skin with oxygen.It is important to remember that should go out without makeup.

not panic: the whole day ahead of

to look good on your wedding day, you should first of all to rest.Of course, this is easier said than done.But all the same, try to relax and at least for some part of the day throw away all worries, think about pleasant, for example, about the upcoming honeymoon.Before going to bed make sure to ventilate the room to see only sweet dreams.

The day before the wedding, we recommend avoiding the following:

Try some new beauty products at the last minute: they can cause an allergic reaction and ruin your holiday.Cleansers, creams, cosmetics - everything has to be checked.

do yourself peeling, if you have never performed the procedure.

a long time in the sun.Before going outdoors should put the cream, which protects from the sun's rays.

drink alcohol before and soy sauce to fill the food: it can cause redness of the skin that are hard to hide, even make-literate.

If suddenly: emergency aid

Murphy's Law still has not been canceled, so even in the most important and solemn day you can catch the most unpleasant news in the form of, for example, do not just jump up the pimple.Do not panic!All can be corrected, the main thing to know how.So, in order:

If you are on the eve of the wedding, you should use means based on aloe.This will save you from the pain.Then you need to pick a tone that matches the tone of your healthy skin, and put it on the burn using a sponge to even out the color.

If you jumped a pimple, you should go to a dermatologist him to make you an injection of cortisol - it will soothe the skin.Even with the most careful care sometimes impossible to predict and prevent the occurrence of acne.Therefore, the injection of cortisol - just what you need.A make-up will do the rest.If you have any irritation, cool the skin with a piece of ice, and then apply a zinc-containing ointment.If possible, it is better to consult with the dermatologist.The main thing - do not worry, because everything is fixable!

moment has come: your day

wedding day - this is the culmination of a period in a woman's life: meeting, courtship, quarrels, separation, trying to share the life and the endless household compromises.This is the day when you sign a bilateral agreement, which promises you a long and happy years together.You have long been preparing for this, both morally and physically.So now is the time to forget about everything, a new day to smile and start enjoying what is happening, even if you get up at 6 am.

To avoid some of the unpleasant details, just follow our recommendations:

Use waterproof mascara.Almost all brides cry at weddings - such is the nature of women.Even if you think you do not belong to such a psycho, why take the risk if the stock a huge selection of waterproof mascaras?Also, as a persistent eye makeup, you can use false eyelashes.

Choose resistant lipstick.You will accept the one that consists of two tools: a separate color and moisturizer.Apply color in the morning, and then only during the day to tinker with his moisturizer to lips look luscious and colorful and look good in photos.

Ask your
witness or girlfriends to see to it that they "laid up" just in case the means for removal of a varnish, nail file, hairbrush, hairspray, lipstick, and along with needle and thread - you never know what can happen induring the day.

Tip!It should ask mom or friend to watch your makeup.They will tell you if you need to tweak something during the day, and you therefore will not worry about anything.

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