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The basic rules of the church wedding

They need to feel that the wedding they really need, and be ready to observe the Christian precepts.Wedding in the church is quite different from the formal registration.This is the most memorable and impressive action that permanently binds loving hearts.Conveyor marriages in registry offices recently lost its popularity.
In search of novelty, deep and sincere feelings modern newlyweds are increasingly turning to the traditional wedding ceremony.It is much more exciting event, many newlyweds admit that their family happiness in no small measure contributed to the wedding ceremony, makes their sense of depth and spirituality, they are re-reviewed concepts such as loyalty and respectful attitude towards each other.If you are thinking about the wedding, do not make hasty decisions: for the sacraments need training.
First, you need to pick a date from the calendar wedding, and secondly, to learn the basic rules of the wedding in the church, and finally choose the outfit.The basic rules are simple wedding in
the church.Wedding procedure is not carried out during fasting: neither one-day or multi-day.According to Orthodox tradition, the groom should be more than 18 years, and the bride - 16 years.There are other restrictions - the church does not approve of multiple marriages and wedding ceremony for the 4th of marriage and more impossible.The obstacles to marriage, in addition, blood ties are the bride and groom or the presence of one of these disorders.Wedding ceremony is not conducted for the unbaptized to persons of another religion or the convinced atheists, who perceive it as a fashionable trend.At the wedding in the church, it is desirable parental blessing, but its absence does not prevent the ceremony if the bride and groom have reached the age of majority.Pregnancy also is not an obstacle.
If young people meet these requirements, they will need two to three weeks prior to the ceremony to choose the church and visit it to familiarize yourself with the rules and the course of the sacrament.Usually the wedding in the church holds her priest, but in some cases the couple is allowed to carry out the rite with the spiritual father.If you plan to photography and filming, it is necessary to agree in advance with the priest.It is also possible to order the chimes and choir, although some churches are already included in the ritual.
Most temples wedding held by appointment only, so by the time and date in the calendar, be sure to ask her a priest of the temple.The wedding is conducted only after the registration of marriage in the registry office, with a need to get a marriage certificate.The bride and groom during the ceremony should be a pectoral cross, as may marry only baptized.It is desirable that the bride was wearing a hat, with a minimum of cosmetics and perfumes are not used with a pungent odor.Too long and lush veil can be ignited by spark.Bride at the ceremony will be held in the hand a candle and bouquet it is better to transfer in advance.
If the bride in a wedding dress open, you will need to close the Cape arms, chest and back.The rite takes about 40 minutes, but it may be delayed, so we recommend comfortable shoes on a low heel.If we are the bride, stop immediately at a crucial moment - a wedding dress.Wedding dress is different from the wedding must train.This dress - an attribute not only the Orthodox, but also Catholic ritual.When the ritual is over, the loop can unfasten or pin.
But to save on the length should not be, it is believed that the longer it is, the longer the couple will live together.Besides the wedding dress should not be too lush and luxurious, by tradition it symbolizes humility and modesty of the bride.Typically it is simply white.As mentioned above, or dress should cover the hands, chest and back of the bride, or have a cape.Wedding dress is not necessarily a wedding, it can be a simple modest attire bright colors.However, most brides prefer to get married in wedding dresses.In such a case, you should avoid short and too tight styles and always use a veil.Now back to the procedure of the wedding in the church.Wedding rings should be given to the priest before it started, in the hands of the bride and groom must be pre-honored wedding icons.
During the rite need long to keep the crowns over the heads of the bride and groom, it is the duty of the groomsmen.It is desirable that the groomsmen were high, because for a long time to keep the crowns on weight is not easy.There are other nuances: the presence of women in trousers is not desirable, and if they will be among the guests, it is best to allocate them a place somewhere in the middle.Not all participants belong to the wedding as a sacrament, for some it is a tedious and boring procedure.
such guests better place in the back row.The presence of all the guests at the ceremony is not required so the participants can be pre-adjusted.Wedding ceremony requires strict adherence to Church traditions and rules.Initially, the priest presents the bride and groom lit candles, then - putting wedding rings: first on the groom's finger, then at the bride's finger - and then three times their changes.Bridegroom choose gold, and the bride - a silver ring.As a result of the change of the rings gold ring is the bride, and a silver ring - the bride.
After the betrothal the bride and groom go to the center of the church and the priest asks whether they enter into the marriage in good faith, and whether there are obstacles to this.For answers to be prayer, and the heads of newlyweds Wreaths are laid.Then carried the cup of wine, symbolizing the joys and sorrows that newlyweds served in three steps.After this the priest holds three bride and groom with hands joined under the church singing around the podium.In the end, they stand at the altar of the Holy Doors and listen to the edification of the priest.After this ritual is considered complete, and the young accept congratulations from friends and relatives.

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