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Modern wedding in Russia

How modern wedding is celebrated today in Russia?

1. In addition to white and cream colors, in our time are not afraid of the bride in a wedding dress salon to choose other colors.
2. Celebrate the wedding prefer narrow and close circle.The smaller guest, the more lavish the event turns out.On average, 75 people are invited to the wedding.
3. As the wedding feast are increasingly choosing buffet.
4. Increasingly, wedding planning on certain topics, thinking up all sorts of stuff.Starting with invitations, registration areas and ending with the table decorations and small themed gifts for the guests.
5. Today's wedding more and more romantic, which is reflected in a calm design of the event.
6. Wedding - this is a very personal and individual event, where the bride and groom are trying to do every little thing unusual and unlike any other.With that, the organization of the wedding must take into account the interests of both sides but also to the guests enjoyed the event.That is why the wedding is bett
er left to professionals.
7. Also in our time trying to conduct a wedding in an unusual place to escape from everyday life and have a truly memorable experience.
8. Increasingly weddings began to use oval or round tables, as well as a special table for the newlyweds.

than individual and unusual ideas for a wedding, the more will be unforgettable memories of this holiday.For this purpose the organizers shall ask the bride and groom how they would like to hold the wedding, and that they want to see.In order to subsequently realize their ideas in the wedding, following a sense of style and action.
Still, some things worth treated with caution.For example, part animal could overshadow the wedding what some unforeseen circumstances.

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