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The tradition of bride price

invited him on a huge number of native people, friends and of course the neighbors.Sometimes, I am walking the whole village.

Many pieces of those times have come down to our days, moving from the idea of ​​mandatory ritual in our days.But today's grooms, every wave, patting his pockets and nervously look around for witnesses and friends worry for lack of money.

Although bills at today's wedding is not the most demanded currency.Much more important are drinks and sweets.Be sure to pour some vodka future tests, and mother-in - good champagne.Friends of the bride will never give taste delicious wines and chocolates.Grandparents need to bring fruit.

Bridegroom have to meet the first hurdle in the entrance to the stairs.Stepping on each step he would have, for example, one kind word to say to the bride.If your beloved is highly settled or fantasy future spouse is disabled, always go to the aid of money.New step without coined the word and then have to pay a fine.

And future husband get to the promised a

partments bride, but then a new mystery.On the sheet of paper printed with a few female lips.We must choose which belong to the lips of his beloved.Of course, everyone can make a mistake.Sponges Found - pass.

But what cruelty!Hallway blocked by a large table.On it you will need to put the full name of the beloved bills.There are cases that name and patronymic.

Again bad luck.Someone thought to put the bowl on the floor.There bridesmaids offer to put the most necessary thing for a bride.The groom did not understand turns his pockets.And actually I had to put yourself!

Here he was next to the room of the bride.But why is because of the slightly ajar door peep some ribbons?But the point here is that each ribbon is tied to Palchikov bridesmaids.If you pulled the wrong, dress or marry her.

One of the most pleasant and joyful ceremonies for honeymooners was and still trade big wedding cake.Also similar to the kind of redemption, but the guests have to pay for the pleasure, not the groom for the bride.

And what are the tradition of bride price in other countries?

In Spain, there is a fun tradition.The future husband gives his beloved thirteen coins, showing that he would take care of her and protect life.Throughout the ceremony the bride keeps donated coins in specially prepared for this purse.It is not clear from the Spaniards have no faith in a bad omen for the "baker's dozen" or the coins they are made of gold?

In some countries, it is still customary to pay bride money.This can best be seen in Turkey.The transfer of dowry can be compared with a typical trading.One family sells a bride, the other buys it.Beauty, intelligence, kindness, diligence bride changed to a decent amount of money from the purse of the groom.