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The relationship of the spouses after marriage

husband, coming home, begins to notice the mess in the apartment and not too well-groomed wife - no make-up, nervous, in a worn and faded clothes.However, after the marriage and the woman often feels less loved.Of course, flowers and candy to her now presented on March 8 and the day of birth, if such is not about to forget.On the Philharmonic concerts in theaters and husband too rarely she recalled: "So tired!" And replaces the set of cultural uncomplicated entertainment, television, football, beer.

spouses begin to think that love is ... over.And suffer terribly at the thought that now have to live all his life with the unloved.Of course, they have so many ties: shared flat, shared car, common children.As a rule, the general poor children.After all, they - the parents are lazy and do not suspect that good otnosheniyayu couple made up of very many reasons and a very big job.Immediately after the wedding, many people do not really represent how family life will be built.However, against the couple after

the wedding, you can easily see whether the marriage happy.For example, there are couples who are diligently fighting for their marital happiness.Treat each other with patience and understanding, and if you do not at all easy to get along with each other - go to a shrink.The specialist will provide advice, appropriate specific difficult situation in a particular family.However, there are general principles that should be followed.

  1. Try to understand the language of those around you.And if something is not clear - specify .For example, you want to discover a new scary-looking tracksuit just your size, you recently saw in a nearby shop.You decided to use diplomatic trick and said, "Honey, you know, I think a little recovered ..." This ambiguous hint hubby may react ambiguously.For example, to put under the Christmas tree a subscription to a fitness center.And not because he thinks you are full, but because it upset you your extra centimeters.
  2. Think about how your marriage will be built before the wedding .Many spouses and wonder how they will live together.Of course, when love - everything seems rosy.Do not even think about it, and what it is - family life. Wedding seems an accomplishment.And it turns out that there is life after the wedding.And wife forced to work hard so that this life is to be happy and harmonious.
  3. Do not confuse love with being in love .At first, it seemed to you that this man, you are ready to live life.What is he handsome and clever and hard-working, and very smart.In the morning after the wedding veil of love asleep and you find that woke up next to a bald, paunchy, elderly half-educated - it is more of vocational schools in the first year was expelled for drunkenness.And he was no hard-working - sitting drinking beer in the evening, instead of to establish family life.Value is happiness money invested in the wedding, spent time and nerves, that you still have to spend a divorce.
  4. careful with children .Children should live in harmony.Therefore, the pregnancy itself, without feelings of deep and proven - is not the reason for the wedding.Maybe honestly agree that the child's father recognizes him after birth and will take care of and pay child support?A misfortune force tied to the family hearth spouse affect not only your missus, but also on you and your child.A child is something actually in anything not guilty.The same is true in marriage.Are you sure you are happy with each other, love each other?Excellent.Remember that children need to live in love, happy and fulfilling family.

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