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Organization of weddings, save

save on transport.
Optional order luxury limousine (on average it cost for 8-9 people about 300-400 thousand per hour), and used in a wedding motorcade vehicles can be friends and relatives.Here you will only pay the cost of gasoline.And to decorate the car.
way of decoration for cars.If you want to drive a car with rings or puppets on the hood, then do not buy a wedding song, and hire.The cheapest option - to decorate the car with satin or silk ribbons.

save on flowers.
can make a bouquet itself or outsource it to their witness.Understand, if you can it add up - very simple.For a couple of weeks to try painting with the witness to make a bouquet for the bride.If nothing is done, please refer to the masters.Talking to a florist, not necessarily to say that you're doing a wedding order.Additionally, you can choose the colors, which are now in bloom this season.Be sure a good professional from simple color can make a masterpiece, for which no hijackings no fancy colors.

save on clothes.
best way to save money on dress for the bride - to buy an evening dress or a nice business suit and shoes that you can wear anywhere and after painting.The bride, wants to marry in a wedding dress, it is reasonable rent it.
Accessories buy the best online stores, not in bridal salons, as the biggest cheat in prices.
haircut, manicure and pedicure can be done independently, and not to call the master.
can do without veils, if you decorate with flowers hairstyle.

save on invitations.
copyright invitation cards in the middle is very unprofitable pleasure.But why pay extra money when you can make the invitations and most.
invites to the wedding, only those whom you and your boyfriend really want to see that day.If you want you can and make a phone call, so you will save a little.
evening before the celebrations need to adopt a restaurant menu, for this call all invitees to exclude from the list of those who are not able to come to the celebration.

save on Toastmasters.
Entertainment program can include master.But in any company there are people who can act as toastmaster.But the truth is, he that day will have to raise their glasses symbolically, but then it will be just his gift for a young couple.

save on a banquet.
can find not expensive and the recently opened restaurant, where customers are more interested in, then easier to make concessions and give good discounts.
Many restaurants and banquet halls are sometimes allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages.And if you ask, and you can prepare your meals and delicacies.Calculate the required amount of alcohol and drinks, you can use a calculator.

best gift to the newlyweds.
39% of brides and grooms dream that will give them the keys to a car or apartment.
32% said the best gift money.Since it can partially cover the wedding expenses.
27% would like to receive a free ticket to a tourist in Venice, Bali and France.
2% welcome any gifts, but especially practical, such as glassware, carpets, appliances and the like.

save on honeymoon.
course honeymoon all the young want abroad.But if not enough funds for this, you can spend it in solitude in the country.