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How to draw arrows on the eyelid

We'll tell you about the main types liner - Liner and liquid eyeliner.They are considered, and are key because they appeared before the others, and are popular among girls, and to the present day.Still, of course, there are gel, creamy eyeliner, eyeliner-pen, eyeliner shades and compact hoses.Many manufacturers are constantly want us something to surprise and come up with some innovations.But how long can they are popular?It is quite another matter.Today we'll talk a little bit about the other, about the correct drawing arrows on the eyelids that effectively accentuate your look.

Let's look at the first type of eyeliner - pencil.There is a wide range of cosmetic pencils.They come in all colors and shades are matte and pearl may be different hardness.Different hardness needed in order to be able to correctly draw almost invisible arrow, and a rich and vivid.Soft pencil is suitable for drawing the inner eyelid, he is a very gentle touch to the skin, but hard pencil should be careful to use because it

can damage the delicate skin of the eyelids.If you want to draw an arrow, you will need quite a hard pencil as soft quickly smeared.

compared with a pencil, liquid eyeliner gives a more intense color.Often the liner more resistant than pencils, especially this can be called a waterproof liquid liner.Multi-colored liquid liner can combine different shades, for example, can be a blue eyeliner with green gloss or eyeliner brown color with golden glitter.The use of liquid eyeliner you will not need additional tools, because it available in vials with integrated finest brush.A brush may be in the form of a fine brush, the length of which can be up to one centimeter, and may be similar to the shape of the marker.The applicator in the form of pen is much easier for those girls who are just beginning to develop liquid liner, because it is thanks to this applicator, will be much easier to draw a flat arrow on the eyelid and can adjust the thickness of the line.

important factor in this difficult matter is the choice of color eyeliner.Classic colors, of course, is considered black.Softer color liner - black-brown and brown.For cool colors - dark blue.

There are many variations in the use of eyeliner and her green shades.Holiday makeup can be emphasized by using gold and silver and white mother of pearl.But it must be remembered that the white liner need to be careful, because it can not approach this or that girl on individual grounds.You can take a mental note that white pencil can be applied to the inner eyelid to visually enlarge and to open the eyes.

There is another little secret: optically enlarge the eyes can be when you draw an arrow on the upper eyelid with a certain color, and lower eyelid move the pencil a few shades lighter.

looks very impressive when you put on the eyelid shade of natural color, use a liner such that the color matches the tone of clothing or accessory, then there is a sense of the integrity of the image.

girls who have deep-set eyes, you need to choose light colors such as blue, green and purple.A black and brown eyeliner permanently deleted from the list because they only emphasize the shortcomings of the eye.

So, let us understand how to draw arrows?You should know that there are several methods of applying eyeliner on the eyelid:

1. Start with the inner corner of the eye.We draw the contour of the inside of the century.Carefully conducting line to the outside of the eye through the cilia.

2. Starting from the middle of the eye.

3. eyeliner previously we arrange several points along the contour of the upper eyelid, which in the end are combined in one line.

should try to keep the arrow as close to the lash line.With this on your line will not be noticeable breaks and you get a visual effect thick lashes.And will remove unsightly strip between the arrow and the corner of his eye.

Whatever the length of the arrow was, the tip should be pointing up.Otherwise you will not get an open look, but sad eyes.Draw arrows to properly so that it is always displayed on the edge of the century.

When you prorisuete entire path, you should spend some more time on line arrows on the outside of the eye.And on the inner side of the outline remains albeit thin.

If you came out a couple of flaws, do not worry, just fix them with a cotton swab, which was pre-soak in the liquid make-up remover.It may be such that the line you get a few thicker than is necessary.In this case, you need to put it on top of the dark shadows and shade toward the outer corner of the eye.

At the end of the drawing arrows you will need to carefully paint over the lashes mascara.After striking the arrow should be harmoniously added no less bright eyelashes.

arrows on the lid is applied after being dealt a shadow, but some arrows can be applied absolutely no shadows.In drawing arrows to remember more about what the line should gradually thicken from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.

In drawing arrows there is the classic rule that says that if you do not know what shape the arrow you want to draw, then this Draw, which will repeat the line, what happens when you mentally spend it onwing of the nose to the temple.

So we figured out how beautiful, proper use of eyeliner and lovely outline arrows on the eyelids.Pick the right liner for you, choose the color, the shape of arrows, experiment and all you get.