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Why do women want to marry

Why do women want to marry

Strengthening relations. Sometimes women use different methods to keep a loved one.That allows the marriage to "link" hands and feet, and a man has a chance to improve relations.

Lucid marriages. happens that people live together for the past many years, but did not legalize their relationship.Subsequently, the man and woman come to a mutual agreement about the marriage, and they are guided by considerations of his mind and not come at the behest of an emotional wave.

not keep up with friends! happens that women want to marry because ponder this: "All my friends and acquaintances already married!What have I done? "Such an argument is not quite self-confident nature.For them, the main thing - to keep up with friends (in school chasing estimates at the Institute - for male attention), not to stay "spinster," and the question of who is the spouse, is not so important.

And let's try it? Usually this approach to the formation of families probability of divorce is almost

inevitable.After the young couple do not yet realize what they need.

marriage as another plan in life. As often happens - by the graduation girl knows that she must marry.And the husband must be exactly as what she imagined it outlined in the plan.This type of marriage is inherent in the clear, following on hours worked up of girl.All anything, but that's only partner is not asked his opinion as to whether the plan was built.Therefore, due to further disagreements marriage can fall apart.

time to get married. She realizes that her "it's time."This girl can only graduated from high school, or vice versa will soon celebrate its thirtieth anniversary.The choice is not dictated by age.The meaning of marriage - is a tribute to tradition, as a concession to his mom and dad finally start a family.These girls are using their free choice.

marriage of convenience. believed that such marriages are most persistent.Even though it is an option designed marriage, pursuing their own interests (material, psychological).

child. Women trying to have children, being married, to have legitimate children.The reason why in this case, women want to marry - fulfillment of a wish to have and care for their children, feeling the strong support in the form of a family.

All types of options can be traced only purpose of marriage - a marriage, but pushes for marriage is still different motives.

So, what is the need to get married?It turns out that even at the genetic level, the instinct of procreation is responsible for the implementation of the process of creating a family.So it was in the primitive society, as is happening now.It is noteworthy that marriage for women was at all times decisive, has been greater than that for men.Traditionally, the status of a married woman made her position in society higher.In the province of women he was always present fear of "stay on the shelf", as the power of prejudice "controls" in these places, and is particularly strict compliance with tradition.

often long cohabitation, civil marriage is called, replaces an official marriage, although the latter is considered to be preferable.Many people love to start some time decide to live together, to "check" the sincerity of feelings and appreciate each other in the daily life of before legalize their relationships in the registry office.Sometimes, civil marriage is delayed, and the young, no longer find meaning in marriage, refuse to formalize the relationship without thinking about the possible consequences.Is it correct?

happens that some of the current situation in a young family can not be solved without the help of an existing family law.After all, if a woman is married, any property and other disputes can be resolved by law.The couple made up all things in common: life, problem-solving and sharing joy, mutual assistance and mutual responsibility, and for the word of God, the family - a close relationship of kindred spirits.

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