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The tradition of making a marriage proposal

Meanwhile, to replace the traditional wedding Tamada came the organizers of weddings, which promise an unforgettable celebration of "turnkey".It is planned to even such an intimate moment as an offer.The man thus should resolutely say no pulls the ring (parachute), while his fiancee did not answer "yes."At the request of "how to make a proposal to the man," the search engine also provides a couple of pages of links.But there is a significant difference.Women describe not only the entourage in which to make a proposal, as the actions they should take to encourage chosen to uttering the magic word.Marriage proposal, first of all, is the women's dream?The tradition of making a marriage proposal was based for a long time ...

who dream about

modern woman concerned about finding a potential husband is much less than we want to convince the magazines and movies.It is economically independent, its position in society much more influenced by her education, work experience, personal qualities than the one f

or whom she is married.And yet every girl lives do not always realize the idea that it becomes a real woman only from the moment when a man asks her to belong to him.

Prince of childhood

But darling, received a marriage proposal at heart are disappointed with the way it was done.Probably the fact that our memory stores the image of the beloved children's book: a beautiful princess and a prince on a white horse - and the smaller the child's memory does not agree.To the beloved could be in a fairy tale, to be a princess, and needs unusual scenario: the proposal made in a balloon, the ring in a glass of champagne, a rain of roses ...

lock lock

Today, the dream of a wedding with the prince - howCinderella or Sleeping Beauty - may seem naive, or even give the impression of immaturity dreamer.Mass media create glamorous myth looks like a successful life.Previous cultural norm operate with concepts of valor and nobility, strength, knowledge, power.Now they say about the life success in terms of wealth, the secular success, relevance, fashion.Those who do not develop their own guidelines - is committed to comply with general ideas about "how should" be guided by the desire to be "no worse than others."That, too, tales were composed at a time when marriages were generally in accordance with the custom and the arguments of reason and the two soon joined the family estate than two persons.But some still choose love!When the prince takes away the beauty in the notorious horse, he did not ask for anything nor their parents or parents of the bride, the beautiful but also listens to the voice of your heart.They are designed to bring the two attitudes to the level of an ideal.They say marriages are made in heaven - this means that the relations in the pair appears some new dimension, they become something more than just a relationship at the level of "man - a man."All of these ribbons, doll bumper or lock, which hang on the bridge, may seem ridiculous.But with their help men and women are trying to create a new dimension to witness how this lock is held together, held together so our relationship.However, this only works if you lived at a deep level, accompanied by the work of the soul.If it is an imitation, a game in which there is nothing but the form is not good.

Cabinet, champagne, fajitas

«He was on one knee ... box ... ring ... I'm terribly frightened ... Yes!Of course yes!How nice to remember the day of our engagement!I will tell this story daughters, when they grow up.Surprisingly beautiful ... and right! "Seeing a man literally at her feet, the woman feels particularly deep effect.This further convinces her own value and importance.But the nice men feel knights.

«Only you»

have marriage proposals there are several significant differences from subsequent wedding ceremony.Firstly, it is a moment just for two.Even if the proposal is among the crowds - the stage of the theater or through billboards in the city center.Second, this amazing moment usually captures only memory.It's hard to find a man who would remain in the family photograph album, "Look, my grandson, I'm here to make an offer your grandmother ..." And thirdly, the proposal - a moment of determination and at the same time fear, even those who believe ina positive response.Heart-stopping - she may refuse at the last minute.But if the answer is yes, then the experience of mutual joy and confidence in the future and such openness and willingness to happiness ... which can, and is, the most pure happiness sample.