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Perfect Bride - ready for the wedding

So you finally decided to link their lives with that same, single.White dress is ready, the cake ordered, invitations sent out, it remains only to arrange a farewell to his merry unmarried life, that is, to gather friends for a bachelorette party.Options for how to spend, can be set.We offer you five of them.

Option №1: exotic

In Indonesia, there was a tradition according to which the bride of royal blood begins to prepare for the wedding 40 days.During this time, she had not only to tidy appearance, but also to gain worldly wisdom.Women of her sort gathered daily in the palace and spent a ritual "Lulur", which includes cleansing and relaxation treatments.In addition, more experienced cousin mentally prepared for a Woman for family life, given her good advice and guidance.Today, any bride can feel like a princess Indonesian, because spa ritual "Lulur" offered by many beauty salons.The procedure is based on the ancient custom, complete with modern elements.It begins with a ritual spa sauna with infu

sions of herbs.This is followed by a traditional massage "Jamu" using oil with the scent of jasmine and frangipani, drawing on natural body scrub based on turmeric and rice flour.Ends with a ritual bath with natural sea salt, there is superimposed a mask.After the procedure, you will feel refreshed and your skin will not only become more smooth and shiny, but also acquires a light tan.To go to the salon you can not one but together with friends who also require power.After all, they have yet to catch your bouquet.

Option №2: DOLCE VITA

If soon you will hear the cries of "Kiss!", It's time to give yourself a little dolce vita.To do this, it is not necessary to go into the shop, to be closer to the favorite dessert.It is best to visit the spa treatments, which is based on sweet ingredients.For example, go with friends to wrap, which included eating chocolate, pepper, kaobromin and theobromine.And in order to feel completely in chocolate, in addition to wraps, you can choose massages, facials and hair all the same sweet and useful components.If the chocolate dessert you prefer coconut with friends, then go to the procedure is entirely built with coconut milk, that is, consisting of coconut bath and body wraps.Useful properties of coconut oil were known in ancient Egypt.Even then, it was used to soften and moisturize the skin.They say even the legendary Cleopatra took baths with coconut oil and pearl powder.Modern cosmetology too have adopted this wonderful tool because it smoothes the skin, is quickly absorbed and does not clog pores.Particularly useful treatments using coconut oil to those who recently returned from the south or regularly visit a solarium.Due to the content of lauric acid and capric oil moisturizes the skin after sunburn and prevents it from losing the bronze shade.

Option №3: who likes it hot

Somehow today it is believed that a visit to a bath - mostly male occupation.However, none of the wedding in Russia, not without this "bath day".The bride and her friends went not just to warm up, but also to tell fortunes, how the rest of the family life of each of them.And today, you can go to the bath now exclusively female, but what if you want exotic, then you have a choice between the Turkish hammam, and the Japanese ofuro.Hammam - a traditional Turkish bath at "inflame passions" is not inferior to Russian steam bath.The temperature there reaches 120 degrees, but instead of wooden shelves installed marble benches.The principle of the Turkish bath is: standing in the middle of the room the water tank is heated continuously, and eye-catching while steam is fed through the hole.In addition, because of the unique combination of a high enough temperature and humidity in such a bath, you can spend a lot of time without feeling any discomfort.Rest, relaxation of muscles, detoxification, body shaping, cleaning pores - all this guarantees us a Turkish bath.If you prefer a hot Turkish mysterious Japan, you can try the traditional Japanese bath - Ofuro.The residents of the rising sun, like no other, look after their emotional state and internal harmony, because their bath tradition based primarily on relaxation.If you and your friends are tired of recreation and noisy parties, be sure to visit the ofuro.After all, there can relieve stress, get rid of insomnia, boost immunity, to rest body and soul.Ofuro has on the skin the same effect as a traditional sauna.When Steaming opens the pores, derived salts and toxins, improves the complexion.To warm up in Japanese, you need to immerse yourself in a special barrel made of wood, furako, heated up to 40-50 degree water.For greater effect, the water added salt or flavored herbal tea.There is another kind ofuro Water is heated as much as 60 degrees, and as the flavors used medicinal herbs and even sawdust.The Japanese, being a well-known lovers of all kinds of technical innovations, brought an element of progress in their traditional bannuyu procedure.The water temperature control in modern furako special temperature sensors and microprocessors.By the way, right after visiting ofuro you will feel an incredible surge of strength, so this is your bachelorette party is unlikely to end!

Option №4: outdoor

If your wedding is scheduled for midsummer, then you have a great opportunity to organize a bachelorette party on the beach.But better to look for information on the location of the alleged stag parties.Choose those beaches where security measures are installed tents.Many destinations offer their guests and other entertainment - ping pong, volleyball, boating, catamaran sailing and jet skiing.If you plan a wedding in the winter, it is not a reason to abandon the bachelorette party outdoors.For example, the whole company go to the rink.Ice skating improves coordination and posture, strengthens the muscles of the legs and lower back.In addition, you will be in the fresh air that will benefit the complexion.If to this day you never skated, take rental skates to understand is whether your second way out onto the ice or this undertaking is to put a cross.Rolling skates typically have many disadvantages: they can not come to you the size or width of the legs, and the blade have often ground off.If you plan to regularly with friends to go to the rink, it's better to get your own pair of skates.The first exit on the ice may seem to you very difficult.After all, we must be able to keep his balance, and a start to slide.But, most likely, your company will be both beginners and more experienced skaters.So, those who are on the ice is not the first day, will help beginners and to demonstrate the proper technique of skiing.Or you could take a few lessons from the instructor.

option №5: Sports

You try to keep yourself in good shape, but monotonous workout in the fitness club and jogging tedious you have to be fed.If your friend hold the same opinion, then, working together, you can vary your sporting life, such as curling.To do this you need to collect a company of eight people, divided into two teams and prioritize the throw.The equipment needed for the game, on a rental ice rinks themselves.It is unlikely that someone from your home will be special brushes, shoes for curling or granite sports equipment, called stones.When one of you sends a projectile in the direction of "home" (an analogue of the gate) rivals, other participating teams have to rub the ice with special brushes.This allows you to influence the speed and trajectory of the stone.At first glance it may seem that in this lesson, there is nothing difficult.Just think, a couple of hours work a brush during general cleanups and had not bother!Nevertheless, the two-hour "svipping" makes a lot of energy to spend and does not freeze to the players.The task of each team - to drive as a lot of stones in the house of the opposing team.So the beauty of curling consists in the competitive spirit.After the game you can drink hot green tea and talk with my friends a successful hit.Well, if your company prefer summer sports, go to the golf course.We just need to find a special field and rent equipment.The aim of the game is to get the ball in the hole, called "putting green", the fastest competitors.Playing a round of golf, you will be able to train not only the muscles of the arms and back, but also patience and forbearance.

And they have?

In every country has its own traditions brides prepare for the wedding.Chinese women before marriage should certainly how to cry, and the Germans - to break the threshold of his home a few dishes.It is believed that these rituals to protect from troubles in family life and bring good luck.In Kenya, the bride's hands and fingernails painted black and red patterns that can not be washed off for a year.In Morocco, the future wife necessarily takes a milk bath, apparently in order to gain strength before the wedding.After the celebration may be delayed for a week.And in Nigeria in preparation for the wedding the bride should be sure of gaining weight.After all, if it will be enough shapes lush, the groom can simply run away from the wedding.

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