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How best to select the day and the month for weddings

If you want to assign to a wedding on Monday , keep in mind that this day be under the influence of the moon.It lays a thin emotional bond between husband and wife, "in charge of" all of our family, kinship ties.Your partner is your encouragement and support, indifferent to each other spouse will never be.

Tuesday be under the influence of militant Mars.This day astrologers believe the day is not the best for the wedding.Between spouses will always occur quarrel, quarrel, reconciliation, and then again, all over again.
Wednesday under the influence of Mercury creates a rational, cool family relationships.Everyone knows the fickle nature of Mercury: today it all so passionate, and tomorrow no one knows where to look for him.Not the best day for marriage.
Thursday ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is in charge of leadership qualities, the couple will ever find out who the family head?To fight for the leadership.This day as well as Tuesday, are not considered to be favorable for the wedding.
Friday is influenced by Venus, the planet's material well-being and sensual pleasure.It brings to life the young harmony, mutual understanding.Auspicious day for marriage.
Sabbath ruled by Saturn - the planet of diligence, his features - persistence, patience and realism.Under the influence of Saturn, your marriage will be a reliable, stable.Most weddings are playing on that day.
Sunday is under the influence of the sun.The best day for marriage.The sun brings light holiday with the family, wonderful children, joy.
is considered bad luck to play a wedding in the days of the solar or lunar eclipse.
Church says that bad days for the marriage are Tuesday, Thursday, these days are not married.
Nowadays traditionally chosen for the wedding weekend.But during the week to the registrar less newlyweds and their guests.The staff that caters to the wedding, in those days a lot easier to work with than the weekend.Also, these days it is easier to find a banquet hall.But the invited guests will not be able to have fun from the heart, as most of them on the next day of work.It is also necessary to consider when choosing a day of the week for a wedding.
believed that family life will be successful, if married in the 4, 5, 7, 10 or 11 months from the day of birth.For example, if you were born in June, the favorable month for marriage is September .It has long been believed that couples who take the vows in September, accompanied by the richness and joy.Generally considered a good autumn couple times for weddings.The harvest is collected, field work ends.The table can vary all sorts of vegetables, fruit.According to national signs the month of October will bring a lot of young love, but not wealth.Wedding in November - to wealth.
late autumn, winter, early spring is not the most popular time for weddings, because the weather is cold in the winter and so many holidays.Also at this time, we have a lot of posts, which is not desirable to celebrate the wedding.

Advent: November 28, to January 7, February 14 - the eve of the Presentation of the Lord (although this Catholic holiday - Valentine's Day), on Shrove Tuesday (the week before Lent) played the wedding.But if you all decided to celebrate a wedding in the winter, you should know that if your wedding is in December , then your love will last forever, every year you will love each other more and more.

Wedding in January - young expect a happy family life in love and faithfulness.You do not have to be afraid of destiny, if you are celebrating a wedding in February, will take place in family life harmony between husband and wife.
The smallest number of weddings in the spring.This is associated with Lent, the celebration of Easter.

According to national signs a marriage concluded in March - the bride will live in a strange land. April - wedding this month will bring variable and fickle happiness.The most unfavorable month for a wedding is considered May : «in May to get married, all my life to suffer."This sign appeared long ago in the villages of the month of May - a month of agricultural work, for amorous affairs no time left, last year's food stocks running out, who at this time plays a wedding?

most appropriate time for a summer wedding.Celebrate can be outdoors, so diverse fruits.The modern tradition: after the wedding go on a honeymoon, it is best to implement it in the summer.According to national signs the ideal month for weddings is June - the honeymoon will last the entire life of the family.Marriage in July - young family waiting for daily work, and all will be equally happy and bitter moments. August - a good month for weddings, you will find a strong union, but you can not play the wedding during the Dormition Fast: from 14 to 27 August.
Yet signs of signs, but do not forget that we live in different times, so do not blindly believe in the popular superstitions.You yourself can make any day and month the best for your wedding.

happy marriage - it is mutual love between man and woman, understanding and harmony in all areas: spiritual, intellectual, sexual.How best to select the day and month for a wedding?It is your choice and your second half.

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