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Evening make-up and how to perform

While embodiments and not a few, but one has the exact requirement of all types of: make-up must be carried out very carefully and accurately so nothing is lubricated not flowed mascara, lipstick smeared not, otherwise the whole effect will be smeared with makeup.

We'll evening make-up and how to carry it out.To get started is to say that women are not to be confused with the day and yet more restrained use cosmetics day.In the evening make-up course permissible bright colors, thicker layers and aggression.It should be shining and attractive.Do not forget that makeup - is an element of the overall image, it has to match the dress and emphasize your individuality.

When the evening make-up need to remember a few rules:

1. tonal framework - true selected foundation will help smooth out the bumps of the skin, hide small defects and will provide an opportunity to hold make-up as long as possible.It is desirable that the foundation was a liquid as distributed better, apply it with a sponge, but you can w
ith your fingers, the main thing is not to overdo it and to distribute as evenly as possible, so as not to be seen borders.Next, apply a large brush, light powder, it will fill your skin depth and freshness, then apply blush on the cheeks pearl that will highlight the features of your face.All the foundation is ready, it should feel that your skin is filled with new life and freshness.

2. Now the eyes - for evening makeup choose a dark shade of gray or cream color, but you can fool around a bit and add a bright unusual colors, besides the new fashion trends are pushing us to this, it all depends on what colors goyou.A pencil on the upper and lower eyelid.Some use liquid liner, and, well, it is also quite acceptable option only feature should be clear and smooth.We suggest you use the corners of the century darker and vibrant colors, in the middle of a bright and very dark at the edge.For this course you need to have some skills, if you there is no such, then just put a dark shadow on the eyelid and under the brow light.And of course the ink, in this embodiment, can make up for the eyelashes brighter.And do not forget the eyebrows, comb their special brush that they lay neatly and nicely.

3. Lips - to start and pat to remove excess moisture and grease, then apply a planimetric pencil, and on top of lipstick, blot again, and then another layer, so even an ordinary lipstick will be more stable, and the colorsaturated.For evening make-up, you can choose a bright color lipstick, it will give you an opportunity to strongly emphasize features of your face.But do not overdo your makeup does not look vulgar, use of color, similar to the ones that you use during the day, just a few shades darker.

And the final touches can be applied to the neck area and other parts of the body exposed, pearlescent, which will fill your skin glow, or it could be a golden powder.

If you can not decide on colors, flip through magazines, look for inspiration in them, good in the photos posted in them, you can always see a very good performance make-up.

Do not be afraid to experiment, your beauty will not lose anything, and vice versa, will acquire, if you add to your image of good make-up!

Kseniya Ivanova , especially for www.allwomens.ru