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Funny tips: how to marry his man?

method №1. Conceive

technology operates on decent and responsible people.For men, a sort of continuation of the one of the most important goals in life.Sometimes even more important than love.The stronger sex will do anything to her first child.But there are also those who are simply afraid of justice (for those who are held in conjunction with underage girls), or do not want to pay child support.

In this process, there is a risk.If there is a potential father's own moral principles, he may be afraid of responsibility and to escape, without saying a word.In this case, you risk either stay single mother or have an abortion.

method №2. onslaught from

This method works if the man is still unsure if he wants to marry, or afraid.If we talk about pressure on the part of women, it is, in turn, is caused by the pressure from relatives or friends."Like, you're already so long together, why not complete your marriage?I wonder why he does not want to marry you? ".But keep in mind that such a unilat

eral rush to anything good will not.If advance, so from all sides.It is best to involve the pressing of a young man and his relatives and friends.Better yet, find out who her future husband for the greatest authority (usually the mother).It was her words become the last straw for a positive decision.

Keep in mind that this method is not suitable for men who do not like to interfere in their lives.The man not only try at the first opportunity to escape from the pressure, but the pressure will play a negative role in his decision about the wedding.

method №3. Fear of losing your favorite

This method is designed for forgetful loving young people, or those who fear being alone.You can just put your favorite fait accompli: either get married or breaking up.But better not to play with such things and not put a man in front of such a dramatic choice.To productively use feminine wiles.To begin, create the ideal conditions for a future husband.Endlessly praise him, indicates what he is good, beautiful, sexy, create home coziness and order, always delicious and cook a lot, and most importantly, give him so much and such a stand, of which he dreamed.And yet - always be beautiful and charming, especially when people go out in.And after a while start as often as possible "disappear": at work, with friends, on business trips.The best option if you are from out of town, and you will begin to constantly go to her parents, her friends for a week or the second.And believe me, will not be long as a man will desire: "I want to marry her!".

Option is not easy, but the most honest!But remember, if you are not a man because of love or affection, this scheme may fail.

Method №4.Contribute

This method is the most practical and is not based on a loving union, and mutual marriage.Frank contract - the best option of such a marriage.Everything must be honest: you give me a stamp in the passport, and I'm registration, money, or something else.It is important to remember that you will get only what is stated in the contract, and nothing more.In this case, keep in mind that, by issuing a marriage, the husband is rarely later falls in love with his wife and stay with her.

option - when the rich, strong woman just need a boy (Alphonse).In this case, offering a good material life, an apartment, a car and other benefits, she gets a lover or husband.

But this way to get a stamp in their passport will be possible only if the man is breathing irregularly to material values ​​and money for the sake of well-being willing to live with unloved woman.Although in such cases are often young people try to deceive themselves that they love their wives, not for money.

numbers - a fact undeniable.

40% higher salaries get married men than unmarried;

50% less likely to commit suicide;

15 years live longer;

13% less stress test;

30% fewer heart attacks and strokes occur.