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Marriage and Pregnancy: Double Happiness

First of all, remember that the wedding - is the emergence of a new social unit created for the birth and upbringing of children.However, in our time, sometimes the opposite is true - a man living in a civil marriage, a girl can get pregnant, and it assumes responsibility for the future of the unborn child, and marriage is the first step to the most full of life.

So, if you have it so happened that it was on the most joyous time in any woman's life - the waiting time the child had another happy event, a wedding, do not be upset, because once obtained two occasion - a celebration of new life and the wedding.This is wonderful!

How to pick outfit?
When choosing a wedding dress, first of all, pay attention to comfort, because it should be convenient not only for you but also for the child.And, of course, buy it, which will feel comfortable and look like the most compelling!

board design is better to choose a more specific, without a lot of unnecessary adornments such as ribbons and ruff that will facili
tate its appearance and make the shape more volume.If you can show off the beauty of your feet - it's just a short dress will accentuate.Beautiful shoulder line shows an open top and full skirt dresses: not to hide, but to stand out for their beauty!

Pregnant brides are the most popular wedding dress with a waist at the level of the chest and long sleeves in tight emphasize elegance hands and forearms.It should give up the sleeves - "Lantern": they are heavier image.More than a deep cut to add shape share of grace and harmony, and to focus on the chest can be using the bra with the effect of "push-up".As the fabric for the dress does not give preference to a brilliant materials and more neutral and soft colors.

as decoration is better to use products made of pearls or precious stones that accentuate the neck.They must be of small size, so as not to overshadow the elegance of dress.

When choosing shoes do not forget that you have to walk in it all day, so it is better to give preference to a comfortable and elegant model on a low heel.

Often brides in a position to face a choice: to wear a veil or not?If it is perfect to dress - safely decorate your hair white clouds transparent tissue, because of old customs veil meant not innocent girl, and that she is leaving for a new family.

Before applying makeup Prepare your skin with lotion or milk, low-fat cream moisturize the face.Lighten age spots is possible by means of gauze masks, folded in several layers, before it soaked her juice parsley or cabbage.The mask is applied for 4-5 minutes, then it is necessary again to moisten sap.The procedure is repeated 4-5 times.

New and untested makeup better not to use: it can cause allergies, which before the triumph did not need.Bright colors make-up can be vulgar, in this case, so there is preferably more tender and soft palette.

Whom to invite?
who to invite and who do not have to solve only the bride and groom.If you do not want a crowded wedding - it can be noted in the narrow circle of close friends, who do not need to be reminded that the bride must be protected from tobacco smoke, etc.Opinion outsiders should not really matter, because this holiday especially for newlyweds.

A festive table you may have doubts about the use of alcohol: it worth it?In large quantities, it can harm the baby, but a glass of champagne at your wedding is quite possible to afford.

His private holiday menu you better to make in order to avoid over-eating, and then just stick to the rules in the amount eaten.Do not abuse of smoked products, fatty or spicy food as well as international cuisine dishes unexplored, because the body's reaction to them may be the most unexpected.

constrained dances consider your physical condition, medical records, and gestational age.So you should think: whether to dance till you drop?Whether business, if you decide in advance how much you can afford to be mobile.However, do not always think about the limitations, it is better just to enjoy the long-awaited and joyful day!

Of course, you probably want a young husband to go on a honeymoon.When choosing a resort give preference to those who are in your country: they are more suitable for the climate, and there is a health care easier.If you decide to go abroad, you need to consider a few points:
  • pregnancy on term of 32-34 weeks may not be allowed on board or require a certificate;
  • In some countries pregnant women at term, more than half are not overlooked;
  • The girl in the state may affect substantial climate change, so that the journey from winter to summer is better to postpone.When selecting
resort reviews acquaintances ask in advance to find out the customs of the local population, especially the kitchen, the level of medical care as well as comfortable accommodations that nothing could spoil the coveted vacation for you.