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Oh, this wedding, wedding, wedding ...

The example Keira Knightley, the actress from "Pirates of the Caribbean", which on May 4 this year, she married musician group «Klaxons» James Righton.Although she is "worth" more than thirty million pounds, but decided to save the wedding expenses.No one denounced her for refusing to traditional in such cases elegant limousine, not taunted about the wedding dress, which was not cut wedding, and several times was put on Kira for other events.Practical high heels even groom prefer comfortable ballet flats.The logic is simple - because if magnificent wedding can lead to divorce, why Cyrus for the sake of lasting happiness too pompous to arrange a holiday?

Still not please everyone ... and the wedding - is essentially a purely personal triumph without undue ostentation.Modest "cabal," Keira and James arranged for her, was a precedent in the epidemic swept British society "whose wedding is cooler?".At the wedding ceremony was attended by only 12 of the most loved and the wedding table was set, based on 50 g
uests.An example of the newlyweds, who, by the way, spend their honeymoon in Corsica must reason with other young people who are in the heat of romance and wedding for the sake of the grand convention squander more than thirty thousand pounds, and then it turns out that the money had been borrowed.And instead of in the early years of life together to build their new, stable partnership, the couple have to "spin" under the pressure of financial problems.Expenses in the form of tuition fees, rent rented housing adds extra daily load solution which pushes into the background all the delights of married life.

leading family psychologist UK commented approvingly modest (for movie stars, of course!) Wedding Keira Knightley, stressing that the reasonable costs of the wedding ceremony will serve as a solid foundation for building long-term family relationships and ensure the financial security of the natural, which is very important in the current economic climate.Analyzing the statistics

wedding expenses, British marketers diggings many noticed that the cost of a wedding is always calculated in terms of the bride and groom, but it is released from the position of the field of view offers ready not stingy, only to look the most desirable, the best wedding guest.When it comes to a wedding present, more than half of the generous guests spend more than £ 100 for a gift for the happy couple.Even less is spent on booze.Some experts compare the billions wedding expenses at the national level with the level of needs of individual industries UK.Compare: the average Briton turns out to spend 440 pounds for the wedding, and all this for the sake of blowing dust in the eyes.Cunning statistic determined that such weddings per year in the average Briton five.Total 2200 pounds per year ... Those marketers joke that we are willing to splurge for every detail during our trip to the store, but when it comes to the wedding, our extravagance knows no bounds.

changed the psychology of women and 70% of those surveyed Miss and Mrs. prefer to spend more money on the toilet than on the improvement of their own family nest.In their eyes, expensive outfit for the wedding - a very important part of the wedding ceremony.

Somehow British marketers were stunned by such recognition.But this "disease" are infected with all countries.Why go far in the CIS countries (although to the UK where they!) Already at the governmental level to solve the issue of limiting the cost of weddings.In a poor Kyrgyzstan and other Central Asian countries at the parliamentary level, try to limit the wedding budget, drawn up in favor of social conventions of these countries.Wedding costs 20-50 thousand dollars, but their standard of living is generally death.Their debts paid over the years for the wedding couple and their parents, and visitors, had the imprudence to make a super-expensive gift.As the Russian proverb: "splurge, but not to give in!".The vicious circle in which everything, even the young, forget about the history of the wedding feast: it is simply an event in honor of the visiting public a new family, and that is symbolic.Everything has been pre-negotiated, and the rest, as they say, "Pour!".And the next day on this wedding, but a headache to some participants, there is nothing left.

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