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How to do makeup for green eyes?

choosing eye shadow green eyes, try using chocolate shades, dark green or copper.For eye makeup base, use a peach or brown shades with a combination of gray tones.You can also combine these colors with rich dark shades.

If you are going to do evening makeup, use creamy, metallic or dark violet flowers.They are ideally emphasize the beauty of green eyes.For glamor, choose gold or copper tones.

Pink is the most moody shade.Immediately you will not be able to choose a suitable for your eyes the color pink, it will take time.It is believed that the choice of color depends on the color of your skin and hair.Also, do not take chances with silver flowers, leave these colors for women with blue eyes.

For green eyes, do not use black eyeliner or pencil.You will approach a chocolate or black and gray pencil.If you want to increase your eyes will help gold or white pencil.

not use for makeup shades that completely match the color of your eyes.You just will merge, and your mind will lose its perfection.

If you want to make a day make-up, use light or pearly foundation and apply to the entire eyelid.Start with the bottom fold and end podbrovnogo bone.Peach shade or gray with a tinge of brown, is applied over the base and shade.

If you need your evening makeup for green eyes, you can still put a dark shadow.

If you are make-up, such as gray scale, draw the amount of green on the inner eyelid.You can immediately notice how bright was the color.

most advantageous option makeup green eyes is fully implemented in golden tones.

If you want to give your eyes an emerald green hue, use terracotta or dark blue shadows.

Complete your makeup applying mascara.Now it is very fashionable and thickly painted fluffy eyelashes.

Through our advice how to do makeup for green eyes, you can make a perfect make-up and bright express the beauty of green eyes.

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