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Christmas makeup - to combat the Man on the spot

your festive makeover.

So here comes to an end this year.In front of us waiting for a series of magical winter holidays, foremost of which is the New Year.It was at this festival look is dazzling and luxurious.You waiting for a romantic holiday evening in the presence of your favorite guy.What can we do to make it was excellent, flawless and elegant?Of course, you can experiment, you can seek help from a friend, but the right thing is to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the New Year makeup, which, according to professional makeup artists, will be the most relevant in the coming year of the Dragon.These New Year's makeup, to combat the Man on the spot will certainly help you not only to once again conquer his heart, but also to celebrate New Year in the status of the most fashionable and stylish girl.

Finally, in order to look your best and slay his beloved, you need to know a few simple rules and strictly follow them.First, to bring myself up Take at least 3-4 hours.Secondly, the first to do

packing, and only then make, and thirdly, no experiments!Your New Year image should be fashionable and selected in advance.Also, remember that a good makeup can always be created only on a clean skin.Otherwise the cosmetics would be to go smoothly and will not last long.The person at the same time will look sloppy.So before New Year nanesesh makeup, do peel, then use a tonic.It perfectly removes all impurities from the skin, moisturize and raise its tone.It would be nice even rehearse the day before.After this training you just once all on the spot.

festive image.

for fashionable festive makeup relevant, not only in the New Year's Eve, but also in the coming year will be to use at least three shades of colors.The simplest version of the make-up and fashionable - the darkest tone to bring the lash line on the upper and lower eyelid and crease worked.Apply a lighter shade on the mobile eyelid and the lightest - under the brow.Do not forget about the shading.Expressive eyes make it fluffy and long eyelashes.To do this, use the volume mascara.To use the smooth color face powder with the effect of sunburn.The final touch will be stable lipstick shade you selected.Thus thou shalt surely be the most charming in the festive night.

Snow Queen.

Either fortunately, or unfortunately, it is the New Year falls on the winter.Stay in a beautiful New Year's Eve, when it's minus 30, is no easy task.Fashion make-up artists to offer you a new stylish make-up for the holiday that you will strike his prostate and at the same time elegance.Apply on face cream powder that will give a make-up resistance (even if you're in the New Year's Eve, you will go into the cold).Powder the nose, forehead and chin friable powder.On the cheekbones apply a pale pink blush.With a black pencil gently Spend a clear line along the lash across the upper eyelid in the inner corner of the eye and the lower eyelid - from the inner corner to the middle.Apply violet shadows on the upper eyelid to the crease and blend them upwards.The cut curls lashes mascara.It is important to emphasize the shape of the eyebrows, which is very fashionable in the coming season.Two-color pencil denotes the form and create a highlight (white), then lay eyebrow gel.On the lips cover them with a clear gloss.Your make-up is ready to combat a favorite!

festive elegance.

For this fashion make-up in the coming year should be little important to choose the right shades and your image will be ready to Christmas.Use concealer by ½ shades lighter skin.If it is put a thin layer on the upper eyelid imposed shadows will stay longer.With a tonal framework, to align the complexion.In order to properly and he went to look natural, apply it with a short, thick brush for makeup.Foundation is to choose the equalizer in the shade.Actual shades - pink, olive, yellow.Incidentally, cosmetics with shiny particles very successfully overcame in the soft evening light.Powder with glitter makes face fresh and glowing.For a festive make-up need to be strengthened blush.This will make the face more expressive and relief.If you want to adjust the width of the face, remember, to visually expand a person, you must use bright blush on the front of the jaw, and to make it already - apply a dark blush away to the edge of the face, closer to the temporal part.All the upper eyelid moving Apply fashion for more than a season of light shadows, which emphasizes natural makeup.Remember that makeup that you want to shake the guy on the spot should be bright.Apply an additional layer of mascara volume: at the root of eyelash dip in the brush, and zigzag movements, as if wiping it on the lashes to the tips of lead.To make-up was harmonious, the efforts of the brightness of the lips, without a pencil and can not do.Brush, apply lipstick with a shimmering effect and your luxury makeup ready!

Here are the three most pressing recommended make-up artists and fashion image, which is recommended to meet the upcoming Year of the Dragon!But of which of the proposed make-ups to choose, it's up to you.Thing to remember is that just my favorite, but still spot its breathtaking views you will certainly get into this New Year's Eve!

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