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superimposed on the eyelids and the base powder before applying the shadow, so they stayed longer.Use eyeliner on the inner edge of the upper eyelid.And to look was more expressive, and put it on the lower eyelid.To give shape eyebrows with the brush for the eyebrows, which need to sprinkle a little hairspray.To the line was clear, eyebrow comb through the ridge (the bone).Make your eyes more vivid: Apply white eyeliner on the inner corners.Make lush lashes.To do this, apply mascara, let it dry, and then treat them gently powder using sponge.Then apply another layer of mascara: the lashes will appear thicker.Use a pencil loop on the entire surface of the lips before applying lipstick.Thus, the lipstick will last longer.Apply a little bit of lipstick on the cheeks, and then - in the mouth.You will receive a harmonious makeup.Get rid of red inflamed pimples using eye drops, removing the effect of fatigue and redness.Simply soak a cotton swab and apply it to the pimple for a minute or two.Then w

ith a brush, apply a light layer of concealer on the site of inflammation, the color shading on the edges.The final touch - a translucent powder.With such an alternating temperature improves blood circulation and the skin gets a healthy appearance.Wear bright colors just because they are now in vogue.Bright shadows are very tricky, and if you're not sure if you a particular shade, it is better to ask advice from professionals.Most stylists slightly mute the color using the powder.Choose lipstick luscious colors, if your teeth are not in order.Make them look whiter, we recommend using a lipstick with a bluish-purple Estimates.Apply mascara clumps.To avoid this, dip the brush into the ink and then hold it for 45 seconds before applying the air that she had a little dry.If it stays too wet, the cilia will stick to each other.Overdoing makeup in the daytime.Professional makeup artists advocate office makeup restrained.Use a light translucent base and quite a bit of powder.Eye makeup should also be kept to a minimum: the shade of matt, carefully shaded, lengthening mascara, without excess volume.The easiest case with lips is the ideal combination of caramel, soft pink and glitter pencil.Use the same, even if your favorite shade years.Make-up spoiled.They fall into the bacteria, and when you use the product again, it may result in unpleasant consequences for you: may appear inflammation, acne, rash.Apply all over the face bronzers.No weighting of makeup.Slightly better highlight the parts that are naturally prone to sunburn: the cheekbones, eyebrows and nose.

What suits you

foundation, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick - all must be in harmony with your natural tone of the face.For example, almost every one of us can come up a pink hue.You have light skin?Choose a cool shades of pink.Moderately dark?Then you should use shades of plum and wine.Olive skin?Pink brown tint - what you need.Swarthy?It will take a pink with a bluish undertone, such as at an orchid petals or fuchsia.

Face shape

Determine your face shape, and it will be much easier to choose the make-up, and highlight key points.


oval face shape ideal.But, alas, this ideal - a rarity.This is a classic, perfectly proportionate face, his features well balanced both horizontally and vertically.The forehead is slightly wider than the chin.The width of the cheekbones is about two-thirds the length of the face.


Most often, the owners of such form can be identified cheeks, rounded jawline and areas of hair growth.Along the length of the face is slightly larger than the width.The neck is usually quite short, and a small chin.


person rather elongated and has a distinct straight lines.The rectangular shape of the face is not much different from the ideal shape.The only difference is that the elongated facial features and thinner, and the chin is highlighted.In the face of virtually no circular accents.


owners have this face shape is usually square jaw, broad forehead with a square hairline and wide cheekbones.Angular facial features.Along the length of the face is almost equal to its width.


Most often narrow forehead and chin and cheekbones, on the contrary, broad.The line of hair growth and jawline are usually very similar in size.


a narrow forehead and chin line is wider than the cheekbones.Given that a narrow forehead, the line of hair growth may be low.

Inverted Triangle

The widest part of the face - forehead.As highlighted cheekbones.Jaw and chin while narrow.

Hiding dark circles

Use concealer yellow shade to hide dark purple circle;orange concealer - for bluish circles;blue, mauve or yellowish-brown - to brownish circles.

  • Use concealers with a light foundation.You must gently applied to the skin, rather than rub.Dark circles may be the consequence of poor blood circulation, which can become worse if you damage the skin under the eyes.
  • Apply foundation that you use daily.Mix it the way you do it is usually not paying attention to the following.
  • Apply concealer with a thin even layer.To do this, use a sponge or fingers.
  • Pay attention to the area around the nose.It circles appear darker, so you will need more of concealer.The other area is under the eyes and close to the cheeks.
  • Apply translucent powder that daubed place not bright.

Make eyebrows thicker

To eyebrows look thicker, try using an eyebrow pencil or powder (required angular brush).Choose your color - it should be a tone lighter than your hair color to look natural.Blondes should choose light-colored pencil, and the girl with dark hair suit taupe shade.Short movements nakraste eyebrows in the direction of hair growth.To effect preserved longer use the gel for eyebrows desired color.

Apply evening makeup

Start with the basics.Try to pick a tone as close to your natural skin color.After applying foundation, if necessary, seal the pimples and under-eye concealer circles.For evening make-up, it is important that the skin looked flawless.Secure the base icing.

  • Take a darker shade of blush.
  • Apply a neutral shadow on the entire eyelid.Then nakraste only mobile eyelid dark tone.
  • Move charcoal gray eye pencil.
  • Next, two layers of black mascara on the eyelashes.
  • Finally, apply a little lipstick lips very natural color.If you have a smoky eyes, the lips is better not to paint: it looks very sexy.

Create smoky eyes

The key to a perfect smoky eyes - is, first of all, the right mix of colors.There needed precision and perfection.

  • Start with the basics.You can use semi-opaque shadow.
  • Select eyeliner: classic black, brown or gray color, or use the eyeliner from the range of shades of precious stones - purple, blue or rich green.Draw a line on the upper eyelid, and it should be expanded from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.
  • For the lower eyelid, use a lighter liner.Do not forget to shade it.To do this, you can add some shadows.
  • And now the most important thing: you must choose the right mix of basic shades, light and dark.Try a cream shadow base and apply them to the entire eyelid to brow.
  • Now add a dark color.But it should be applied only on the mobile eyelid.
  • Move your eyes with black pencil, and then apply the darkest shade (coal or chocolate) to create the effect of haze.To make up looked more natural shade shade better finger as a brush harder.Apply color first on the lash line, then move up.It's important to shade the shadow of the eyelashes so as not to be seen clear boundaries liner.Be sure to check whether you have the same mixed color on both eyes and, if necessary, adjust the makeup.The final touch - put on lashes several layers of increasing the amount of mascara.

gives shape eyebrows

Over time, the natural line of the eyebrows lowered almost to the outer corners of the eyes.Well-groomed eyebrows should on the contrary open the eyes and make them the focus to the person as a whole looked more fit.To maintain the beauty of the eyebrows need a good pair of tweezers, the tips of his should be beveled so that you can easily grab the finest hairs.Take a big mirror and put it in the window so that the light falling evenly on either side of the face.Sit in front of a mirror, take a pencil and hold it parallel to the nose so that one end was at the beginning of the eyebrows, and the second - at the corner of the lips.Remove any hairs that extend beyond the line of the pencil toward the bridge.To determine where the brow should end, take a pencil and hold it diagonally so that it extends from the nostril to the outer corner of the eye and then to his eyebrows.At the point where regard eyebrow pencil, and it should be finished.Accordingly, all the hairs that extend beyond this line, should be removed.Next, remove the hair noticeably out of the general line, focusing on the second half of the eyebrows, the envelope of the outer corner of the eye.Bending eyebrows (highest point) must be over the iris, when you look straight ahead.Pull the skin and pull out the hairs in the direction of growth.The main thing - do not overdo it.

using red lipstick

lipstick to lay down smoothly, you need a good moisturize lips.Then apply foundation, for example, translucent powder - it will fix color.Take a lip pencil and move them.Now does the color of the lush shade of what you can afford.Gently wipe the lips on the edge of the powder so that the color does not smudge.To do this, use a small brush.Apply a lip gloss from the center to the corners.In no case do not start with the corners: you greased line.

5 minutes to make travelers

natural and natural beauty is always in fashion, and not only during the summer months.Try to use products with a light texture, but rich pigment to camouflage pimples and do not burden the face.

  • Apply foundation on the forehead, nose and cheeks and blend it with your fingers upwards to the hairline.Spread it evenly.However, if needed in some areas more dense layer, add another.
  • Mix cream blush two colors (dark and light) in order to achieve a natural pink hue characteristic of your skin, and put them on the cheek.
  • Eye makeup should be minimal: just a bit of mascara.Use a special brush to separate the cilia.
  • nakraste lipstick, a shade that matches the natural color, or apply a balm or gloss.And do not forget to bring the first matching lip pencil lipstick.

Create daytime makeup office

I do not want to overload the face makeup for the day?Suffice it to stress the most expressive part of the face and look at it very natural.Believe me, it does not require significant time costs.And you do not have to run every half hour to the ladies' room to touch up makeup.

  • Start with concealer and foundation to skin looked perfectly smooth and even.
  • Then you need a little powder.Take a large brush and lightly go over the entire face.Using the powder ensures that makeup will last longer.In addition, if you have oily skin, powder can cope with this problem, the skin will look healthy and matte.
  • Then apply a little blush.Gently tap the brush to the "apple" of the cheeks.
  • for rolling century, use darker shades of eye shadow.
  • to take a solid century light tone.
  • Blend colors, soften the edges, and do not forget that the shade should be opaque.Shimmering heavier natural makeup.
  • Coat the lashes black or brown mascara single layer.Then divide them brush for eyelashes or eyebrows.
  • Use natural shade lipstick or gloss natural tones.

Learning to deal with false eyelashes

They should stick after applying foundation, but before the shadows and mascara.

  • to start their own curl lashes.
  • Apply glue on false eyelashes and begins to stick to the outside corner of the eye.
  • Move the eyes to hide the transition between the patch and its own lashes.
  • When you realize that eyelashes are held tightly, apply mascara and shadow.

makes lips fuller

  • Start with a lip balm to make them soft.
  • nakraste lips.Swabs should go in the direction of the inside of the lips.
  • Take a lip pencil to a tone darker than the lipstick, and move them.Then mix the color of lipstick and eyeliner finger.
  • Then circle the lips, going to their natural contours.Put some sparkle in the middle of the lower lip, so that the light reflected, and they looked more sensual.

make eyes more expressive

  • Apply a medium shade of color saturation of the lash line on the soft surface of the century.
  • Then take the light flickering shadows and apply them on a hard surface century.Particular emphasis needs to be done in the area under the curve of the eyebrow.
  • Next, apply a darker tone, for example, dark-brown, on the lash line on the upper and lower eyelids.The line should extend slightly to the outside corner of the eye, from the iris.
  • Now you need to apply a very light shimmering shadow or pencil on the inner corner of the eye.Start with a corner and lead the line to the point where there are cilia.
  • Curl lashes.Use dark ink for the top and bottom.Apply it to all the upper lashes, and, since the mid-century, the lower.