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How to reduce the face makeup?

Remember how many of your friends a happy owner of a lean, slender face that even with plump body allows them to make an impression, if not thin persons, it will give a normal constitution.How many examples to the contrary, when and normal waist, and hips tightened, and still say - "plump."And they say just because of the plump cheeks and a massive chin.The most offensive, that the shape of the face to do something much more complex than the buttocks or triceps.Sit on a diet, a person loses weight or not at all (and it will grow thin at wide cheekbones?) Or is immediately drawn and tired, it does not add beauty.There are, of course, exercises for tightening silhouette - feysbilding system.But its capabilities are not limitless and, in addition, require regular exercise feysbilding that - we will be honest with you - often becomes an obstacle on our way to perfection.

Format the face

From whatever form you may have a case, there is one basic principle: mind is drawn on the face of the ideal shape

(oval) and darken everything turned out below.Dark does less distracting and provides visual harmony effect.Avoid sharp, straight strokes - they can emphasize the fact that you do not want to flaunt.Light shade or color with a soft brush in a circular motion from the center, "rubbing" in a spiral toward the periphery.So convenient to achieve the effect of shading. Avoid excess salt and limit evening drink: swollen face never looks skinnier than whatever you want masked.Choosing tone cream, stop for a vehicle with lifting- or anti-aging effect, especially if the lack of harmony of your face depends on the "silhouette swam."Skillfully use a darker tone or zagarnye powder, causing them to areas beyond the ideal slender face shape.Slimming line of dark blush or powder - from the top down, vertically.Visually "scatter" the eyes and make them more widely planted (done through a clear dark arrows coming out of the upper eyelid, and very light on the moving shadows century). But do not overdo it!Otherwise, you will inadvertently create the effect of strabismus.If harmony face - your main goal at the make-up, make lip plumper using bulking balms and lip glosses: the face in contrast will seem less wide.If you want to make the main focus of the lips, do not forget to shade the side sections of the lower jaw and chin slightly brightened.Lips thus must necessarily be underlined in pencil on the outside (not dyed, but perceptible to the touch) circuit.And do not aspire to make your mouth visually less - it will only increase the sense of the massive lower jaw.

color matter?

To adjust the shape of the face, making it slimmer, it does not matter what your hair color and tsvetotip appearance in general.After the correction is not due to the color, but by the studio of light and shadow, the darker and lighter tones of foundation and powder.However, hair color, too, can play "for" against "you in the struggle for the harmony of the face. If you are brunette or you have a very bright (for example, a fiery-red) hair color, hair is easier for you to use as a "frame" for the face, giving the final shape.Long straightened hair and straight bangs to the middle of the forehead to leave the mind as much a person as you need. contrast principle plays the same way as if the face make-up: the brighter and darker the color, the line must be blameless haircuts.Stray strands or failure at such length hair color will bare all the shortcomings of the exterior. blond hair, on the contrary, allow greater softness lines and negligence in the strands.The transition from face to hair color blurred, are not visible, and therefore, if properly chosen hairstyle (for example, a graduated bob medium length) you can easily hide the unnecessary "completeness" of facial features Warning!Regardless of color, the main principle of hairstyles-masking this: Avoid smooth options beams and comb-back: This type of hair enlarges the face, especially if you have a high forehead or very blonde hair.

color for youth

Everyday professionals recommend the most transparent and easy to applying make-up, but that does not mean that we should avoid bright colors on her face.The main thing - to observe "dose."Aggressive blush on his pale face, bright lips and even brighter shadows, "black" eyes with wheat-colored hair - the most common examples of incorrect use of color. bright lips or colored arrows (but not both) - it is always a game, outrageous, way to draw attention to himself.Especially the challenge to read the red lips that never go out of fashion.But if you want to make the face thinner - Avoid red lipstick, it increases the volume.Apply lipstick need for powdered lips (for durability).Lip liner should match the color of lipstick and contour - not to get out of the natural boundaries of the lips.About black - "anticolours" - need special mention.He did not rule on the face, but it must be used carefully.All that you have decided to "draw" the black - eyelashes, eyebrows, "arrows" on the eyelids or lips - must be perfect contours and shape.The slightest vagueness is evident and can spoil the whole image.That's why for daytime makeup is better to replace the black brown or aubergine - it requires less and gives the appearance of softness ... Cosmetics makeup, but let's not forget about exercise facial muscles. Here are two simple exercises from the system feysbilding.Give them 10 minutes daily (5 minutes each) and 2-3 weeks face significantly tightened! Open your mouth as much as possible his chin, but without bowing his head, stick out your tongue and try to get him up to his chin.The purpose of the conditional, but the facial muscles receive the necessary load, and the lower part of the face is taut.Tightly close the mouth, staring straight ahead, attach to the bottom of the cheek (just above the upper teeth) joined together index and middle finger and massage the cheeks in a circular motion from the bottom up.From this massage cheeks not lose weight, but it is an excellent prevention of sagging!

not zealous in the pursuit of the visual harmony of the face.Professional makeup artists warn often willing to reduce the nose, woman so obscure his wings that distort the shape and make it too prominent and hooked.The same can happen to a person if carried away by lightening and darkening the central part of the periphery.Be aware of its uniqueness.In the end, Sophia Loren hexagonal face, while Brigitte Bardot nose duck that did not prevent them to be recognized as the standard of beauty for generations. carefully shaded border between the dark, concealing and distracting, and light - expanding and attracting the attention of tones.If the border is visible, then, instead of the desired distraction you, on the contrary, it will attract them.The main principles of good makeup - no mask, and distracting.If you have problems with cheeks or jaw, do focus on the eye, with a rounded shape, select makeup, for example, the classic Smoky Eyes.If disturbed prominent cheekbones or triangular face shape, move down the emphasis on the lips.

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