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Getting rid of acne on the chest and back

What is acne?

Pimple - so nazyvaemayabolezn that trigger the sebaceous glands.Most often it manifests itself uzhenskogo sex, but there are times when men also suffer from similar zabolevaniy.Naibolee often these spots occur in the back, face and upper chest.

first manifestations in zhenschinvoznikayut aged 11-18 years, and the stronger sex in 13-19 years.Vozbuditelyamidlya first centers are moments of puberty.In bolshinstvanaseleniya, when the process of formation of sexual ends, pimples go away nobyvaet that they can pursue and life.It is important to know that the rash - etobolezn not bearing the danger of human life.But if nachatsamostoyatelno squeeze acne, you can carry infection.If bakteriinachnut progress, the consequences could be disastrous, leading kvmeshatelstvu specialists.For the most part the data displays bring lishpsihologicheskuyu stress and discomfort.

more about acne on the body

The most common areas where the spots are located, getting chest and back.The reason for thi

s can be nazvatpotovydeleniya.So, if you're used to wearing very tight clothes and prietom frequently and intensively sweat, the body, which can not "breathe" in full force, begins to resist and you have a rash.Compared with kozheylitsa skin on the body has a thicker layer.That is why the treatment of back igrudi becomes a long process with a mass difficulties.Be prepared ktomu that as fast as on the face, you can not bring pimples and etomuprotsessu have to devote more time and treated carefully.

manifestations of acne on the back

specialists made schitatproyavleniya acne in the back the most difficult and dangerous form.Stepensypi can determine how much is running your pischevaritelnayasistema.After all, the main cause of these symptoms is considered a violation of the process.

Also, if you zametilipodobnye symptoms, treat more carefully to their hygiene.Peresmotritesvoy wardrobe, as it could be because only excess sweat and dirt on tele.No is not itself to blame, because in comparison with her hands back as often nepomoesh.In this case it is possible to resort to washing several times a day and twice morning and evening.If you notice that acne began to decline in the volume or quantity, so it is not necessary to worry zapischevarenie.But in any case, not a rip off acne and when budetemytsya, vyberaem loofah gentle type.

Pimples on the chest

Most sluchaevproyavleniya acne on the chest - is a consequence not cured acne back wraps.But the reason can also be all of the same symptoms as with the back: a dense fabric does not secrete sweat to evaporate.When sweat nahoditsyadlitelnoe time in the tissue begin to clog the pores and this leads to the fact that a rash.Remember that the body sweats all year, that is quite possible dannyeproyavleniya and cold seasons.To begin refuse otpodobnogo wardrobe, if you want to keep your body beautiful.Also mozhnopribegnut to ointments and masks.

recipes to get rid of the disease

In cases with treatment pryscheyna back and chest is best to resort to natural ingredients.Dannyysposob not only does not cause allergic reactions (if you do not have rejection kotdelnym components), but also become the most budget and output.Moreover, the effectiveness of the action time is proved.

So you need vsegodva constituent component.Namely: colorless henna and tar soap.Yes, hnutakzhe used for the treatment of hair, Noeto does not mean that it is powerless in a particular case.This herb absolyutnobezvredna and endowed with a variety of vitamins.

I think you also heard Otomi that tar soap is very good rids the body of acne.It mylopozvolit clean clogged pores and deduce from them the accumulated gryaz.Dannoe soap is also a natural component, in contrast to his sobratevpo "soap" workshop.Do not be put off by the pungent smell, it is rapidly excreted, and from vaspotom unpleasant smell is not.

Such means mozhnopriobresti and store, and a pharmacy.The choice is yours.Important see naupakovku careful not to take something like that.


You need to take half of the total package of henna.Daleezaleyte it with boiling water and stir with a spoon consistency until it neobrazuet something like porridge.Leave this container until cool.Kogdakashitsa're ready, apply it to all areas where you have manifested syp.Obozhdite 30 minutes and rinse with warm water.Next, apply the tar soap.Egotakzhe must be applied to the same areas, but bided no more than 5 minutes, and zatemsmoyte.Remember that soap can desiccate the skin!

This tool stoitupotreblyat no more than 2 or 3 times during the week.If you see chtoposle use the body's reaction gave an allergy, then discard these funds.Noeto a very rare case.


Take care of your body iotnosites him with respect.We need to watch him carefully and obraschatvnimanie even small pockets of the rash, as a consequence, they can bystrotransformirovatsya.The better you treat your body, so it will bolsheblagodarnosti you will look 100% better.